Internship: SOS Community Services

SOS Community Services, a community-based nonprofit serving Washtenaw County, is looking for a development intern.

The Development Intern will assist the development department. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: assisting in the planning of SOS Community Services events, assisting with marketing campaigns and social media updates, creating and maintaining documents, engaging with volunteers, serving as a SOS representative in the community, and providing administrative support.


– College students pursuing a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in marketing, public relations, communications, nonprofit management, or a related field
-Strong written and oral communications. Public speaking skills a plus
– Proficiency in all Microsoft Office programs
-Prior experience or dedication to fundraising/development projects preferred
-Attention to detail and organizational skills
-Must attend accredited college or university

The Development Intern is currently an unpaid position. A commitment of 10 – 12 hours per week for a minimum of 12 weeks is required along with the ability to help with occasional weekend or night events. Intern must have their own transportation.

Interested applicants should submit a cover letter explaining their interests, resume and additional materials if applicable to Chelsea Brown at

Internship: ZF North America

ZF North America, one of the largest automotive suppliers in the world,  is looking for a corporate communications intern for its fall internship. It is a part-time paid position. To learn about the position’s responsibilities and required skills, and to apply,  click here.

Deadline: Monday, August 24

Tips to improve your writing speed

By: Katie Gerweck



It happens to everyone. You sit down, determined to write a great press release or blog post. But as much as you try, the words just won’t come out the way you want them to, and you struggle to organize your thoughts into a coherent message. It can be hard to write quickly, which is a problem- especially in public relations, where the turnaround on papers can be very short. Luckily, there are ways you can improve your writing speed and get the words flowing.

1. Get your ideas on paper

Too often, we’re so caught up in writing the perfect sentence or paragraph that all we can do is stare at a blank Word Document. When this happens, it can be helpful to simply put all of your thoughts on paper, even if it isn’t perfect yet. Getting all of the half-formed ideas and phrases out of your head and out in front of you can make it easier to organize your thoughts and gives you something to build on. Which leads us to…

2. Outline

An often-suggested method to improve writing speed is outlining your ideas. Having a framework for your ideas makes writing easier because you won’t have to stop after a paragraph and ask yourself where you’re going with it- you’ll already know, because it’s written down. Outlines also help keep your papers to-the-point and flowing smoothly.

3. Practice!

The most obvious way to get better at writing quickly is to write often. The more you practice, the more naturally writing will come, and the faster you will get. You can even set a timer to force yourself to work on a deadline, and see how quickly you can type up a press release- then try again to beat your old time. (You’ll be happy you did when you’re asked to do a timed writing test at a job interview!)

If you don’t overthink it and can organize your thoughts, you’ll find that putting a paper together becomes much easier and with practice you’ll be able to write much more quickly and efficiently.

Source: 10 Simple Ways to Double the Speed of Your Writing … Right Now

Katie Gerweck is a senior majoring in public relations with a minor in journalism. She is the editor-in-chief for EMU PRSSA, and also works as a copy editor for the Eastern Echo. She was the copy chief for the Echo during the summer of 2015.

Plymouth Downtown Development Authority Internships

The Plymouth Downtown Development Authority is now accepting applications for its fall internships in public relations and urban planning.

For internship requirements, applications, and submission information, please visit:

Gaining knowledge from professionals

By: Irene Pool



Throughout college you constantly have the idea of an internship thrown at you: “It’s great hands on experience,” “internships are a great way to build your resume.” But what you may not realize is that you can also network and gain knowledge from professionals.

Because PR professionals have been in the field for many years, they can be a great tool to use for learning the ins and outs of your field. They can show you tricks or even shortcuts to certain scenarios or simply give you some advice on how to get out of a crisis situation.

Constantly ask for advice- you never know what type of information you will receive. Asking questions is not always a bad thing. It shows that you are willing to learn and hear what others have to say. People that have been in the field for a while are always willing to help others out.

With technology constantly changing and the use of social media skyrocketing, connection with professionals is at your fingertips. You can connect with people from all over the world with the use of social media and monitor what they are saying. People are constantly posting information or sharing information that they have found useful and want to spread the word.

The downfall of connecting with professionals over social media is trying to talk one-on-one with them. If someone has over 1,000 followers, it’s more likely that they have a large amount of notifications coming in each day. When this occurs, you should keep an eye open for who they are connecting with; see what they are talking about and even what the other party is involved with.

Going forward, don’t be afraid to ask a question or for someone’s opinion. When you keep quiet, you can’t learn anything new.

Irene Pool is Vice President of Public Relations for EMU PRSSA.

Agency Tour Opportunity: SS Digital Media

Want to learn more about PR this summer? Join the members of Wayne State University’s PRSSA chapter on a summer agency tour at SS Digital Media on Thursday, July 30 at 10:00 a.m. Those interested should RSVP by e-mailing Stacey Kendall ( by Monday, July 27.

The tour will take place at:
950 Stephenson Hwy
Troy, MI 48803

PR blogs are a great resource

By: Danita Tatum

Source: Created using

Source: Created using

During my time as a PR student, I have found that being “in the know” is really important. Since I’m really not one of those people who watches the news, I always make sure I check online for current events. As important as it is for us to know what’s going on in the world, it is also important for us to be knowledgeable about what’s going on in the PR world and how current events effect our profession. I have found that the best way to stay informed is by reading PR blogs. Here are a few of my favorite PR blogs.


PRDaily is an extremely diverse blog. They post articles about social media issues, marketing, traditional media relations, and so much more. Their blog provides career advice and it’s a great way to stay up-to-date on PR happenings.


This blog is a great resource when you’re in a rut or just don’t know how to do something. PR In Your Pajamas always has great tips and tricks for whatever project you’re working on. There are posts about graphic design, marketing, social media relevance, creating content and so many other important topics. The blog has advice and lots of infographics.


Bulldog Reporter is another great source for current events and PR issues. They also have an interesting section called the “PR PROfile,” which features a PR professional in the area. I think reading about the featured professional always gives me an idea of what I could be doing and what I should be doing to get there.

4. Flack Me

The blog has a mixture of posts that range from current events to discussion topics. Their discussion posts are always really interesting and if you join the discussion, you may learn a few things. Flack Me is actually the blog for a job search engine that specializes in advertising and marketing jobs, so there are always job postings on their blog.


Millennial Marketing focuses on how companies and PR professionals are adapting to this new group of consumers. As a Millennial, it is always interesting to read about what companies are doing to appeal to me. Their posts are always worth a read.

Danita Tatum is the Vice President of Professional Development for EMU PRSSA.