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How to organize your to-do list

By: Rachel Dwornick

Many times schoolwork, life, and our job become overwhelming in college. According to the College Stress and Mental Health Poll , 85 percent of students feel stressed daily (source). Here are five tips to organize your to-do list and hopefully relieve some stress.

1. Make a list

First and foremost just grab a piece of paper and make a list. Write everything down you have to do that day or that week. That way you can see all you have to do.

2. Prioritize

Next grab a new piece of paper and prioritize your list. Write out your tasks in order from most to least important. This will allow you to see what requires your attention first.

3. Time requirement

The next step is to figure out how much time each task will take. Write the time requirement of each task next to that task so that way you can track how much time you allotted and how much time the task actually took. Don’t worry too much, though, if you go over time on some tasks. There will be tasks that also take less time than you allotted.

4. Find balance

Find a balance between each task. Don’t complete all your long/hard tasks one after the other. Balance some hard/long tasks with some shorter/easier tasks. That way you don’t feel overwhelmed or stressed.

 5. Plan a break

One of the most important steps: plan a break in your to-do list. We need breaks to just de-stress and let our mind rest. Even grabbing a cup of coffee or a 15 minute break will help. Plus a break will allow you to come back to the task and have a fresh start.

After completing these five steps you may want to write out your list again on a blank sheet of paper and make any changes you wrote down.


Is your college student stressed? Probably.
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Rachel Dwornick is a senior at Eastern Michigan University studying public relations with a minor in communications. She holds the position of Member Relations in PRSSA and is an active member of Alpha Xi Delta. Follow her on Twitter at @racheldwornick.