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PRSSA Regional Conference in April! Learn more here!

There will be a PRSSA Regional Conference on April 7 through April 9 in Grand Rapids, Mich. Grand Valley State University and Ferris State University are hosting the conference, “Generation Grand: Experience PR in GR.” According to the event’s website, guests will hear about a variety of topics, including corporate responsibility, green thinking, place and space making, keeping talent in the Midwest, maintaining a creative community, and much more.

The conference’s schedule and registration details can be found here.

Why I’m excited for National Conference—and you should be too

By: Josie Bobeck

This October, the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) will be holding the organization’s National Conference in Indianapolis, and I could not be more excited! The theme of the conference this year is “Crossroads of Public Relations,” which is appropriate since PR is so broad. Here are four reasons why I’m excited for this year’s conference.

 1. Traveling!

I’ve always heard so many wonderful things about Indy. I’m excited to get to experience a new city with a student organization I’m so passionate about with people that I love spending time with.

2. Conference sessions.

So many interesting presentations will be held by the best of the best in the industry, which could not be more beneficial. Sessions include nonprofit PR, the tourism industry, creating effective campaigns, entertainment PR in the Midwest, blogging, and event planning—just to name a handful!

3. Networking.

Between all of the PRSSA members and industry professionals, it’s almost impossible not to make connections with those who could be future employers or colleagues in the industry. If you don’t have business cards, now is a good time to make some!

4. Presenting!

This is the first time the EMU Eleanor Wright Chapter of PRSSA has ever presented at National Conference, and while I’m super nervous to be one of three executive board members presenting (shout out to Andrea and Nikki—we make a great team), it will be a wonderful experience. The goal is to inspire other Chapters, which will be easy breezy!

National Conference is going to be a great experience, and I could not be more fortunate to be able to attend! To learn more, visit http://prssa.prsa.org/events/Conference/.

Josie Bobeck is a junior majoring in public relations with a double minor in electronic media and film studies, and marketing, and serves as VP of Member Relations in PRSSA. She hopes to one day work in the entertainment/pop culture industry. Josie loves her dogs, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and has freckles on her arm shaped like the little dipper. You can connect with her on Twitter at @JosieBobeckPR.

7 reasons to join PRSSA this fall

By: Andrea Mellendorf


Connecting with PRSSA members from around the country at National Assembly in Austin, Texas in March 2016. Photo source: Facebook

A new year is upon us, which means another awesome year of PRSSA is about to begin! With our kick-off meeting right around the corner, it’s time to reflect on seven of the many reasons why joining PRSSA is the right choice for you.

  1. Professional connections.

Through annual events, such as the Student Development Conference and Speed Mentoring, as well as off-campus visits to public relations agencies, your membership in PRSSA will help you gain valuable professional connections that could potentially help you as you search for jobs and internships or look to sharpen up your resume.

  1. Friendships

Join us for social events throughout the year and meet new friends who are studying similar majors as you! Your PRSSA friendships will not only be a support system to you throughout college, but will also serve as valuable connections when you eventually transition into the career field.

  1. Conferences

Every year EMU PRSSA hosts the annual Student Development Conference right here on campus, and some of our members even travel off campus throughout the year for national-level PRSSA events, such as National Conference, National Assembly or Regional Conference. These conference experiences provide an opportunity to meet PR students from around the country, gain insights from varying perspectives and make new connections.

  1. Scholarships

Scholarships are available to PRSSA members locally from our parent Chapter, PRSA Detroit, and nationally from the PRSSA headquarters. With tuition prices these days, need I say more?

  1. Monthly Workshops.

EMU PRSSA brings speakers to campus each month as part of our monthly workshop series. At these workshops you will have the opportunity to learn skills from professionals in the field and even try your hand at whatever the topic is. Previous workshop topics have included crisis communication and media relations.

  1. Internships

As a PRSSA member, you have access to the national internship database, which can be used to help you find your dream internship! Finding an internship doesn’t have to be overwhelming, and PRSSA is here to help you!

  1. Leadership opportunities.

Every year, EMU PRSSA holds elections for their next executive board. By getting involved with PRSSA you have the opportunity to gain resume-building experience as a leader on campus in our Chapter.

  1. Campaign experience.

EMU PRSSA members have an opportunity to potentially serve as a Bateman team member. The Bateman team is a group of PRSSA members who compete in a national campaign competition and complete work for a real client. If you are interested in getting hands on experience, Bateman is a unique and fulfilling opportunity for you!

Andrea Mellendorf is a senior and serves as the Chapter President for EMU PRSSA. She previously has served as the Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Special Events and Programs for EMU PRSSA, and as an intern for the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum. Andrea currently is the Social Media Operator for The Honors College where she manages their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and for the College of Arts and Sciences, where she manages their Facebook and Twitter. Connect with Andrea on Twitter – @AndreaMell!


Scholarship alert! Betsy Plank/PRSSA scholarships

According to the scholarships’ webpage, “Betsy Plank, APR, Fellow PRSA, was the PRSA President in 1973, the first woman to lead the Society, and chair of the U.S. Section of International Public Relations Association (1980–1981). She was the first person to receive three of PRSA’s top honors for professionals — the Gold Anvil in 1977 as the outstanding U.S. Professional, the Paul Lund Award in 1989 for her exemplary civic and community work, and the first Jackson Award in 2001 for distinguished service to the Society” (source).

Betsy Plank/PRSSA scholarships “will be payable to the recipient’s university for the recipient’s use, and can only be used to fund educational pursuits.” The first honor receives $5,000, second honor receives $1,500, and third honor receives $1,000 (source). The deadline is May 27.

To learn more about the scholarship, including application materials and eligibility, visit here. You can learn more about Betsy Plan here.

Leadership Highlight: Betsy Plank

By: Natalie Burns

Back in the 1920s there was no such thing as a public relations major. However, it’s people like Betsy Plank that made public relations possible. Because of her efforts to advance PR education, we get to see the diversity, transparency, and growth the field has today. Plank expressed the importance of interpersonal communication, and she also put emphasis on the future of public relations and how it depends on research and education. In 1967, she helped create the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), where we all have learned skill sets, communication techniques, and networking tools.

Betsy Plank is considered the “Godmother of PRSSA” and her contributions to the industry have shown great leadership qualities and determination skills that are important virtues for students to learn as they grow stronger in the PR industry. Betsy Plank was the first woman elected president of PRSSA, and has helped shape the world of PR.

In dedication to her commitment as a PR professional, The Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations will honor her by hosting a national celebration, Betsy Day, on April 7.

If you want to learn more about the Betsy Day that will involve a national ongoing social media campaign, please visit this website.

Source: All information from http://plankcenter.ua.edu/betsyday/.

Natalie Burns is a senior pursuing her public relations major. She is the Chief Financial Officer of PRSSA. She has experience in both marketing and non-profit organizations. Connect with her via Twitter @burns_natalie and Instagram @natbsweetee. You can also check out her blog at natalierb.wordpress.com.


E-board elections tomorrow!

Elections for EMU PRSSA’s E-board will be held tomorrow, March 22 in SC 304 at 5:30 p.m.

Those who have not submitted a letter of intent can still run off the floor.


Positions available include:

  1. President: Organize the general and executive board meetings in association with the Vice President of Member Relations and oversee the flow of the organization as a whole. Assist with special projects; act as a liaison to PRSA Detroit and official advisors, assist in the coordination in the fall Student Development Conference.
  2. Vice President of Professional Development: Assist in coordination of the Student Development Conference, assist with special projects. Help obtain portfolio opportunities for members, coordinate professional development efforts, continue to add internship contacts to the internship spreadsheet, work with the members to find internships, handle alumni information.
  3. Vice President of Member Relations: Manage the PRSSA Gmail account. Check account daily and forward emails where they need to go. Communicate with members to find out their idea of what they want out of membership in PRSSA, create surveys to assess interest in member topics, liaison between members and executive board, coordinate outreach to PR related classes to talk about PRSSA, contact all new members to make them feel welcome.
  4. Chief Financial Officer: Process requisitions and account transactions, act as principle advisor for fundraising, oversee fundraising committee, keep updated and accurate account records, keep executive knowledgeable of financial status including outstanding balances, etc.
  5. Vice President of Public Relations: Distribute flyers and other materials to potential members. Write and submit press releases to local media outlets when required, clip articles with PRSSA mentions in published materials, maintain and update bulletin boards throughout campus, manage blog.
  6. Director of Social Media: Maintain social media presence of EMU PRSSA on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  7. Vice President of Special Events and Programs: Plan the induction ceremony and spring gala, assist VP of Member Relations in planning social events for members, coordinate the Student Development Conference, assist in any other special projects as they come up.
  8. Vice President of External Relations: Coordinate chapter events and activities outside of regularly scheduled PRSSA functions or events. This includes at least one community outreach event each year and overseeing the logistics of the Bateman Competition.

To see a more detailed list of each position’s job responsibilities, click here: Executive Board Positions.


PRSSA Regional Conference in March! Learn more here!

There will be a PRSSA Regional Conference on March 18 and 19 in Detroit. Michigan State University and Wayne State University are hosting the conference, “The Tale of Our City: PR’s Role in Detroit’s Revitalization.” According to the event’s website, “MSU and WSU PRSSA Chapters’ goal is to educate students and professionals on how to change an entity’s image on a macro level and the opportunities Detroit has to offer them in the professional world” (source).

A mixer will be held March 18 and the conference will be held March 19. Admission for the mixer is $10. PRSSA member conference admission is $30, and $35 for non-members.

The conference’s schedule can be found here. Information on admission and the link to buy tickets can be found here.