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Important Summer 2015 and Fall 2015 information

Public Relations Advisors:

Professor Lolita Cummings-Carson
Monday & Wednesday 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. and by appointment

Professor Regina Luttrell
Tuesday 2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. and Thursday 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. and by appointment

Summer Public Relations Courses:

Session 1 – EMU campus

PURL 221 – Fundamentals of Social Media (Tuesdays – Hybrid)

PURL 201 – Public Relations and Public Responsibility (Fully Online)

Livonia Campus

PURL 317 — Crisis Management for Public Relations (Thursday’s/Hybrid 6 Week course)

PURL 314 — Writing for Public Relations (Mon/Wed 6 Week Course)

Fall 2015 Public Relations Courses:

PURL 312 – Introduction to Public Relations

PURL 314 – Public Relations Writing

PURL 221 – Fundamentals of Social Media

PURL 333 – Integrated Campaigns

PURL 408 – Case Studies

PURL 490 – Internship (requires professor approval)


EMU PR is on social media

Interested in staying connected with the Eastern Michigan University’s Public Relations Program? Well it’s your lucky day, the program is on social media.

Stay up to date on the latest events, receive words of wisdom from our PR faculty and meet our students of the week. Each week we will highlight a new student from the public relations program, as well as provide informational and entertaining content

We have memes, learning opportunities, and a chance to get to know your peers. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter today!

Follow us on Twitter: @Emich_PR
Like us on Facebook: Emich Public Relations

Andrea Mellendorf
Chief Financial Officer

My day with a state representative

In October 2014, I was given the opportunity to share my life as an Eastern Michigan student with Representative David Rutledge from Michigan’s House of Representatives. This opportunity was presented to me by the Honors College here at EMU.

Representative Rutledge represents the Ypsilanti area in Lansing. He is an experienced politician who was brought to Michigan by an opportunity to attend law school at the University of Michigan. Through our conversations during the day, the two of us discovered that we actually had a lot in common about our college experiences, including that fact that we both served as resident advisors for our respective institutions.

Our day started with breakfast at Einstein’s, continued on to my German language class and then too lunch. After lunch we attended an American government course in Pray-Harrold before having to go to a meeting with my boss. Following the meeting we concluded the day at Starkweather where we debriefed about the day with other members from the Honors College.

Andrea Mellendorf and David Rutledge

Andrea Mellendorf and David Rutledge

Being able to represent the Honors College was a very enjoyable privilege. I had such a blast showcasing my life as an EMU student to someone who devotes part of their life advocating for funding for our institution.

Representative Rutledge was genuinely interested in what I do as a student, what I am hoping to do with my public relations degree one day, and the ways in which I was spending my time as an undergrad outside of the classroom.

At the conclusion of our day together on campus, Representative Rutledge extended an invite for me to come to Lansing for the day and shadow his daily life as a Representative for the Ypsilanti area. This is an offer that I will certainly be taking him up on! Being able to teach Representative Rutledge about my day as an Eastern student makes me very excited for the opportunity to learn about his day as a politician.

Andrea Mellendorf
Chief Financial Officer

EMU student government is seeking a Director of Media Relations

The Director of Media Relations duties include handling the student government’s public relations, maintaining contact with the media (such as The Eastern Echo) and managing the website.

Interested students must be in good academic standing. This is a paid position. The student must hold at least five office hours per day from Monday to Thursday during the Fall and Winter semesters.

Applications are due by Friday, Nov. 7, 2014 at 5 p.m.

The application and more details regarding the position can be found online.

Public relations courses prefix is now PURL instead of JRNL

Winter 2015 registration is coming up. If you are looking for your public relations course, you may not find them if your not looking them up under the new prefix PURL. Moving forward public relation courses will now have PURL before the course number and not JRNL. Journalism courses in the PR program will still be under the JRNL prefix.

If you have any questions regarding the change please contact Lolita or Gina.
PURL prefix change flyer

What I wish I knew then (Part One)

As I inch closer and closer to graduation, I can’t help but think of the things I wasn’t informed of as a freshman that would have greatly helped me throughout my college career at Eastern Michigan University.

When you dedicate your time and, hopefully, all of your effort to an institution for a long period of time, there are definitely things you should know.

Your professors are your friend. Many are under the impression that their professors are against them from the moment the syllabus is handed out in class. This is not true – everything they are doing is to help and prepare you for the real world. Professors have office hours for a reason, so utilize them for any and all of your needs in your class.

Ask and answer questions and don’t be afraid to ask for clarification. Although your professors might not always have the time to work with you one-on-one during class, they are ready and able to clarify anything that’s unclear during class. You’re most likely not the only confused student. Trust me!

Source: AmSurg Blog

Source: AmSurg Blog

Snag and professional and personal mentor. The key to mentors is finding them early. Especially those that are for professional purposes as they usually have a certain number in their head of the number of students they’re willing to take on as mentees. They don’t want to overwhelm themselves and the number is usually just a few.

Mentors are an excellent source of information to help you navigate through the professional world. They help with everything related to what you need to know to be successful. They have experience and you need experience. Get it? They can usually relate to what you’re going through, and can give you great advice.

Your personal mentor can be even more beneficial to you if they attended the same university that you did. They will have tricks and tips to make your college experience a good one. I would advise (for both professional and personal mentors) to picks someone with similar interests as you do. Also, make sure they are reliable and dependable. If you keep the communication between the two of you, prepare yourself for a beautiful and fulfilling mentor-mentee relationship.

The financial aid office is not personal enemy number one. Most people look at the financial aid office as the worst place on campus. They’re known to be slow and not very helpful, but here’s a quick lesson: if you treat them like they’re important to you, they’ll reciprocate.

Try to stay away from smacking your gum, using profanity, or doing anything else that may cause annoyance while visiting financial aid. Let them know you take your business seriously and they’ll be a lot easier to work with.

Check back soon for part two!

Misha Byrd
Vice President of Member Relations

Secret campus places to get your study on

Sometimes it’s hard for Eastern students to study on campus. There are numerous social media postings about how hard it is to study in the Halle Library because it’s too loud or how there are too many distractions at the Student Center.

Source: EMU Photos

Source: EMU Photos

But, I’ve found a lot of places that I like to study at, so allow me to indulge you in my list of study favorites…

Pease Auditorium and Quirk Theater – In the evening, these places hold musical concerts and plays, but when you visit during the day, the entire place is usually desolate, allowing you to become the Phantom of the Studies. But, there are acting classes that use Quirk, so be aware!

Eagle Study Tables – These are located on the first floor of Halle Library towards the Information Commons South. They are quiet study tables near the Writing Center with assistants available to help you if you need help – very resourceful.

Any classroom building – Whether it’s Pray Harrold, Mark Jefferson Science Complex or the College of Business, you can often find empty and open classrooms to study in. Just look at the signs near the doors to see if any classes will be interrupting your study sesh. If nobody is scheduled, just take a seat and and enjoy the silence. Also, the top floors of PH are great because they mostly house offices and very rarely see class traffic.

Rec/IM – The second floor has a vast array of tables to study at as well as watch some TV if you need a break. If homework is stressing you out, you can take a study break and hit the weights in the Fit Room or swim some laps in Jones Pool!

Student Organization Offices – Join a student org and get the benefits of their great offices in the Student Center! EMU PRSSA e-board officers hold regular office hours, so just pop in when they’re there and join them for a study date.

Outside – EMU’s campus is beautiful in the early warm days of spring and during the summer, and even into the crisp, warm autumn. Plus, there are plenty of great places to study outside. Try the benches near the Martin Luther King, Jr. statue between Welch, Boone and Ford halls or anywhere near the “older” part of campus. It’s less busy than near the Student Center and hustle and bustle of Pray-Harrold. Plus, the squirrels are friendly and like to say “hi!”

Scott Mullin
Chief Financial Officer