Membership Points

Okay so you paid your dues, you attend meetings and you’re involved in events- you’re an official member of PRSSA! So, now what? Did you know that we gauge our membership statuses on a point system?

First off, you can earn points by doing a number of different things within our PRSSA chapter. Below is the chart that helps us keep track of the participation points that can be earned.

Points Activity
50 Heading a committee
50 Attending a national PRSSA event
30 Participate in a Bateman Competition
30 Attending a regional PRSSA activity
25 Participate as a committee member
20 Volunteering for or attending a PRSA-Detroit function
20 Attend SDC
15 Writing a newsletter article/ Blog Article approved by the editor
15 Volunteering the day of a PRSSA activity
15 Attending any activity, excluding meetings and SDC
15 Earning the leadership training certificate at national conference
15 Bringing in someone who becomes an official member
10 Attend a meeting
10 Holding office hours for an hour (does not count if standing in for an officer)
5 Bringing an interested non-member to an event

Okay, so this lovely chart makes sense right? But once you earn points, then what happens? Well, we keep track of your points and total them. Your point total lets us (and any other PRSSA chapter) know where you stand within the organization. There are three statuses you can fall into and they are as follows:

Points (per semester) Title
65 Active
100 Silver member
175 Gold member

If you are below 65 points you are still a member, you just need to do a little volunteering and participating to become an active member. Remember, volunteering will not only give you participation points but you’ll also gain valuable PR experience!

To find out what your membership status is, please contact our Vice President of Member Relations.