Vice President of Professional Development

Jordan Ross

Unique Factor: Jordan is a pretty shy and quiet person, but he’s also a big adrenaline junkie, which a lot of people may not realize. He’s always up for trying new and exciting things, even it seems crazy or impossible.

Dream Job: “Two big passions of mine are movies and sports. My dream job would be to either work in the entertainment industry working with movie studios or to work for a sports team representing them. My favorite teams are those located in Detroit, and a dream of mine would be representing any of the big four sports teams in the city – maybe five one day with a major league soccer team in Detroit becoming a possibility in the future. I also would love the opportunity to work with a nonprofit since I don’t think there is any greater feeling than helping others out.”


Jordan Ross

Why PR?: “I’ve always loved to write, and I’ve always loved to be around other people and make their day. In public relations, I have the opportunity to do both on a daily basis. With the relations aspect of PR, I get the chance to build actual relationships with all different types of people and that is something that I am really drawn to.”

Hobbies: “I am a big fan of movies and sports, so I love getting the chance to sit down and watch a good (or humorously bad) movie once in a while, as well as getting together with other fans and getting into a good game. I also enjoy just spending any time I can with family and friends creating great memories together.”

You can contact Jordan via Twitter!