Vice President of Special Events & Programs

Nikki Mikolon

Unique Factor: Nikki is a young girl with an old soul. “When I’m feeling the blues I love to listen to James Taylor or Cat Stevens.”


Nikki Mikolon

Dream Job: Since PR is so broad, Nikki does not have a “Dream Job.” “I don’t want to limit myself by putting blinders on for a dream job. I want to work like I do all else, I want to keep my options open and if it is meant to be it will be.”

Why PR?: “Public relations found me. I went into my first year of college undecided between marketing and public relations, without knowing exactly what public relations was. I chose it and I could not have been more right. Finding out that public relations plays to all my skills was some sort of destiny.”

Hobbies: Nikki loves to exercise. The gym is her “happy place” but when Michigan allows her to be outside she enjoys every second of it. “In the summer I love waking up, making a cup of coffee and sitting on my porch in the early morning listening to the birds.” She also loves to travel.

You can contact Nikki via Twitter!