Vice President of Member Relations

Josie Bobeck

Unique Factor: Josie’s legal name is Josephine Elaine, but has been called Josie since she was born. Her parents knew she would want a nickname and had Josie, Sophie, and Phina in mind – Josie was the one that stuck.

Dream Job: Josie doesn’t know what she wants to do, but she wants to be happy and successful in her endeavors.


Josie Bobeck

Why PR?: “I have always been interested in social media, but it wasn’t until I discovered what PR was in high school that I could potentially make a career out of it.”

Hobbies: Josie is an RA here at Eastern, and in her free time she likes to visit home and spend time with her family and her two dogs, Augie and Bil.

You can contact Josie via Twitter or send her an email at!