Director of Social Media

Abby Cousineau

Unique Factor: Abby fosters dogs even though she is allergic to most animals…including dogs.

Dream Job: Abby’s dream job would be a freelance travel and lifestyle writer who lives out of a van. She loves to travel, hike and explore. “It would be amazing if I could get paid to photograph and write about my adventures.”


Abby Cousineau

Why PR: Abby chose PR because she loves to write and she wanted a career where she can be creative and the environment is always changing. What she loves most about PR is that every day is different and because the profession is ever-evolving, there is always something new to learn.  

Hobbies: Abby enjoys art, photography, running, hiking, biking and anything to do with nature. She is an advocate of trying new things and is always up for a spontaneous road trip.

You can contact Abby via Twitter!