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Straight from the Recruiters Part 2: Nailing your Interview

By: NinaMaria Badalamenti

In my previous blog I explained a little bit about my experience at Global Team Blue’s “The Dirt” and some insight I got from their recruiters on what they like to see in a resume. In this blog I will continue but giving you tips on what they said they like to see in an interview. So here are 3 tips on how to nail your interview.




  • Do your research.


This is a big one. Doing research on the company ahead of time is very important. Having knowledge on the company going in shows your dedication and passion for the position. The recruiters will be able to tell that you spent the time to research and want know about your prospective place of work. Just take a little bit of time to explore their website and study up on their work and achievements. This shows that you’re excited to represent the company.


  • Ask questions.


When preparing for an interview you usually brush up on clever answers to common interview questions that you expect they might ask you, but what you don’t think about is questions to ask them. By asking the interviewer questions you are showing them that you are interested in them and the position. The recruiters of GTB made a point to emphasize this step because it means a lot and they don’t see many people do it.


  • Follow up.


Following up after an interview is a very crucial step that many of us may skip. The best way to follow up is to send the interviewer a thank you email within the next 48 hours. Make sure you actually put some thought into this and not pre-write it. Make it personalized to show that you really care and appreciate the time they spent with you.

NinaMaria Badalamenti is a senior studying Communications. This is her first semester serving as VP of External Relations for EMU PRSSA.

The Michigan Collegiate Job Fair is this Friday!

The Michigan Collegiate Job Fair will be held Friday, Nov. 13 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in Livonia. The event is free to attend (source).

According to the event’s Handshake page, “The Michigan Collegiate Job Fair (MCJF) is open to seniors and alumni of ANY two or four-year college and is an excellent opportunity for job seekers to meet employers. Employers who participate in the job fair primarily seek entry-level candidates for positions in business, engineering, sciences, technology, liberal arts, human services and allied health” (source). 

For more information, including what companies will be attending, visit the event’s Handshake page here. Frequently asked questions, including how to dress and what to bring, can be found on Eastern Michigan University’s website here.