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The Five Types of Media Coverage you Need to Know

By Nicole Raymond

At a recent EMU PRSSA meeting, we had guest speaker, Chris Austin from Identity PR speak to our chapter about media relations. Among a plethora of vital information to remember when approaching media relations, Chris defined the six different types of media coverage you can score for your company or clients.

1. Bylined column: A column anywhere from 500 to 2,000 words but generally between 800 and 1,000 words. This type of column is written by the public relations professional after they interview their client to gather information. The public relations expert then writes a draft of the byline and the client reviews and makes edits to the document. The PR professional then sends the byline to publications with the client’s name attached.

Ask an Expert


2.  Expert Source: A reporter interviews your client and uses select quotes to accompany a story. For example, if a reporter is doing a story on cybersecurity and you have a client who is an expert in the cybersecurity field, you can connect the two and the reporter will interview and use the quotes from your client in their story.

3.  Executive/Company Profile: This type of media coverage is just what it sounds like, it is a piece written on an executive in the company or about the company itself. A profile piece is reporter driven, and they are placed in trade publications.



4.  In-Studio TV/Radio Guest: This piece of coverage consists of an interview with an anchor on television or radio. These types of segments can be live or taped, and television segments use heavy visual aspects. The goal of this media coverage is to entertain audiences.

5.  Brief/Press Release: One of the traditional media coverages is a brief or a press release. This type of media coverage is a way to get client news out. It is written by a public relations professional and sent out to media sources to cover the story.

Every organization has a story to be told, and you can use one of these six types of media coverage to help share that story with the organization’s audience!

Nicole Raymond graduated from EMU in 2017 with a Bachelor’s in Public Relations and served as PRSSA’s VP of External Relations from 2016 to 2017. Raymond is currently a graduate student in the IMC program here at Eastern.

10 takeaways from September’s social media workshop

By: Andrea Mellendorf


Source: EMU PRSSA Instagram

Are you interested in a career in social media? Maybe you work in social media already. Or perhaps it’s just something you are really interested in. Either way, social media is an important player in the public relations game. Matthew Altruda from Bank of Ann Arbor joined us last month to discuss social media, and the ways that social media influence PR, and how we can use it to advance ourselves as professionals and influencers. Here are 10 takeaways from Matthew’s presentation:

  1. Have a title that people can invest in. Matthew’s title is social technologist, and he encouraged the group to make sure that when you start a job, your position has an innovative title—one that future employers and clients view as a worthwhile investment.
  2. Define your vision. When you start a project, a job or a new endeavor, define your vision to yourself. Make sure you know what your ultimate goal in the role is. Can that vision change? Absolutely! Just make sure you know where you’re headed and why you do what you do.
  3. Help your own vision. After you define your vision, make sure the things that you’re doing are helping you advance your vision. Take steps forward, not backward.
  4. Everything evolves. Snapchat has evolved from being a simple picture-sending platform to being one of the largest communication platforms ever. Live streams have evolved to suddenly become one of the biggest things Facebook has to offer. Everything evolves, so make sure you’re keeping up with the latest trends.
  5. Build your social media now. Use the time that you have in college to build your social media and help yourself stand out in your future job.
  6. Social media eliminates the need for websites. When is the last time you went to a company’s website? Or are you more apt to go to their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? As up-and-coming practitioners, it’s important to remember that social media is a go-to place for many consumers.
  7. Make your passion known. During interviews and on the job, make it known that the company and its mission is your passion. Don’t be afraid to be passionate about something!
  8. Social media is the timeline of our lives. Future generations can look to social media to see what was important to us, what we promoted, or even what we ate for breakfast in the year 2011. Make sure that your social media pages tell a story that you’re proud of.
  9. Social media can be dangerous. Social media is often used as an escape from reality. How is this impacting relationships? Do we need more of a balance between real life and social media? These are important questions for practitioners to be asking themselves.
  10. Everyone needs social media. People, businesses, causes—they all need social media. Without an online presence, you miss out on community building, sales and reaching the right people at the right time.

Andrea Mellendorf is a senior and serves as the Chapter President for EMU PRSSA. She previously has served as the Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Special Events and Programs for EMU PRSSA, and as an intern for the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum. Andrea currently is the Social Media Operator for The Honors College where she manages their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and for the College of Arts and Sciences, where she manages their Facebook and Twitter. Connect with Andrea on Twitter – @AndreaMell!

Meet the Speaker: Corporate Public Relations Workshop

Join EMU PRSSA Tuesday, Oct. 18 for a corporate public relations workshop hosted by guest speaker, Tim Wieland. To learn more about our speaker, check out his bio below!


Tim Wieland

Tim Wieland is manager of media and public relations for Robert Bosch LLC, where he handles mobility and technology topics for Bosch in the U.S. Prior to joining Bosch, Tim spent 12 years at Airfoil Group, culminating in a role as vice president overseeing accounts, such as Microsoft and Parrot. His previous experience includes brands, such as eBay, Best Buy, Brookstone, FordDirect and Carbonite.

The workshop will run from 5:30 to 7 p.m. and will be held in SC 304. See you there!

A survival guide to guest speakers

By: Scott Mullin

My favorite thing about PRSSA is the guest speakers, and we have had a nice variety of them since I joined. Throughout life you will experience many guest speakers, from work to other organizations. Seeing guest speakers can be intimidating at times, but for the most part, seeing them can be quite beneficial. Here are a few pointers in dealing with guest speakers.

1. Show up prepared and on time. There’s probably nothing worse than strolling into a room during a guest speaker’s presentation and loudly looking for paper. It looks bad on you and the host organization, so don’t do it.

2. Don’t be intimidated or nervous about seeing one. Odds are the speaker is nervous as well.

3. If you don’t know anything about the guest speaker, do a Google search so you can get a sense of what the speaker is all about.

4. Carry a pen and paper to record good tips. Our guest speakers share great advice.

5. Come prepared with questions. One good question could unleash a barrage of good knowledge which will only enhance everyone’s experience.

6. Give the speaker good eye contact and nod when they make a good point. This is the best form of hospitality an org can provide to any guest.

7. Dress business casual. I’m not saying wear a suit or the finest dress from Italy, I’m just saying don’t come in wearing a baseball cap, a ratty tee, and a pair of shorts.

8. Keep phones on silent. In fact, just keep them in your pocket. Reading this, many people will be thinking, “Does this really need to be said?” My answer is yes, you’ll be surprised. We’ve had phones go off and guests throw some dirty looks.

9. Don’t be afraid to say hello and thank the speaker after their presentation. It’s a great way to network and perhaps gain more knowledge. Bonus tip, take something they said during the presentation and relate it back to them, it will be appreciated.Feel free to ask questions if there’s content you don’t understand. It’s how you’ll get the most out of the experience, plus it shows the speaker that you actually care about what they have to say.

With that being said, you’ll learn that PRSSA strives to bring to you some of the finest guest speakers it can find. We want to strive to have members learn as much as they can about the field before we send them off into the real world, so please be sure to check our website for information about upcoming guest speakers and use these tips.

Scott Mullin is the Vice President of Communications for EMU PRSSA.

PRSA/PRSSA Relationship Month

As a PRSSA Chapter, it’s important for us to maintain a strong relationship to our parent Chapter of PRSA. In this case, that is PRSA Detroit.

In the past, PRSA Detroit has sponsored our e-board members for the PRSSA National Conference, they’ve included us in events (like the upcoming Ethics Summit) and have given our members scholarships.

Pamela Young

Pamela Young

October is PRSA/PRSSA Relationship month, and we want to clue all of our members into the benefits of joining PRSA after they graduate.

Joining us at our next meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 1 is Pamela Young. Pam is the director of media relations at EMU, but, more importantly, she is our professional advisor and a former president of the PRSA Detroit Chapter.

Pam has been at Eastern since 1997. Previously she worked for the Detroit Medical Center and as an editor for a Spanish-English newspaper.

We hope you can join us at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 1 with Pamela Young!

Learn about ethics in PR and social media with EMU PRSSA and Joan Witte

In honor of PRSA Ethics Month, EMU PRSSA is hosting it’s own mini ethics summit on Tuesday, Sept. 17 at 5:30 p.m. in SC 301.

During our meeting, Joan Witte will speak to EMU PRSSA members and the EMU student body about ethics in public relations and social media. Witte is currently the PRSA Detroit ethics chair.

Witte is an award-winning integrated marketing and communications professional with more than 25 years of experience. Currently, she is the principal and strategist for Raven Loon Communications, a virtual marketing and

Joan Witte

Joan Witte

communications agency. She has a diverse portfolio with industry experience in education, finance, information technology, and transportation. Well-versed in both B2C and B2B she has worked with nonprofits as well as international Fortune 500 companies.

Witte is an avid bike-rider and believes in giving back to the community and volunteers for a number of nonprofits including SER Metro, The Ark and Partnership in Diversity and Opportunity in Transportation. In the summer, the Detroit Institute of Arts member spends many Saturdays in the stands of Comerica Park cheering for the Detroit Tigers.

Please join EMU PRSSA on Tuesday, Sept. 17 in welcoming Joan Witte, an EMU alum, back to campus!

Join us for a healthcare PR seminar!

Are you interested in healthcare PR?

If so, join us on Tuesday, April 9 for our final meeting of the semester.

Lauren Smoker, a senior marketing specialist at Saint Joseph Mercy Health System, will be speaking to EMU PRSSA students! We start at 5:30 p.m. sharp in SC 302!

See you there!

– – – – – – –

Lauren handles television and radio production, internal video production, media buying, event planning and service line marketing for oncology, ambulatory facilities and more.

Prior to moving into a marketing role, Lauren handled health care media relations for 10 years, first at Mercy Hospital Cadillac then at Saint Joseph Mercy Health System.

Lauren handled external communications for the hospital and health system including proactive, reactive, crisis and disaster communications. She was involved in a number of system-Smoker,Laurenwide media announcements  including merger announcements  new hospital facilities, introducing new technology, new hospital programs and initiatives, and more.

Additionally, Lauren wrote the scripts for all Saint Joseph Mercy Health System commercials on Channel 7, and was on the production team for the health system’s 30-minute medical reality television shows, a role she continues today.

Lauren earned a Bachelor of Arts in communication with a specialization in public relations from Michigan State University. She resides in Saline with her husband, stepdaughter and English bulldog, Rocco.