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My EMU PRSSA Goals For The New School Year

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Source: Nikki Mikolon

By Hope Salyer

It’s that time of year, and a new E-board has been elected for EMU PRSSA. As the new Vice President of Professional Development and Special Events and Programming, I decided that I wanted to set out my goals for the new year, and provide an opportunity to hear the opinions of our entire chapter.

My goal for the 2017-2018 school year are to provide new experiences to our members to help them with networking, and learning more about public relations in every aspect. PR is a large field, and there are so many different options you can choose from. Often times, we go on Agency tours that focus on the same thing. We don’t always get the chance to experience what the corporate, nonprofit, entertainment and sports aspects of PR are like. Even those options don’t cover the entire PR spectrum. My goal as VP of Professional Development is to provide as many experiences and networking opportunities for those types of PR as possible. I want to include every part of PR that our members are interested in.

In talking with past and present members, corporate, entertainment and sports PR seem to be  topics many people are interested in. My plan is to start there, and learn more about what our future members want to see as well.

As your e-board member, my responsibility is to provide you with the best opportunities I can. I promise I will try my best to provide an opportunity for every one of our members to build their networks for after graduation and learn more about something he/she is interested in.

Please comment below or tweet me @hsalyer01 with any ideas or suggestions you have for the kinds of experiences you would like me to try to facilitate. I’m excited to see everything the new school year is going to bring, and I look forward to working with each and every one of you!

Hope Salyer is a senior public relations major and journalism and communication double minor. Hope is serving as the Vice President of Professional Development and Special Events and Programming of EMU PRSSA. This is Hope’s second year serving for the PRSSA E-Board. A Michigan native, she hopes to start her career working for an agency or local nonprofit in Michigan. Her dream is to become the public relations coordinator for the Detroit Tigers. Contact Hope on Twitter @hsalyer01 or by email

E-board elections tomorrow!

Elections for EMU PRSSA’s E-board will be held tomorrow, March 22 in SC 304 at 5:30 p.m.

Those who have not submitted a letter of intent can still run off the floor.


Positions available include:

  1. President: Organize the general and executive board meetings in association with the Vice President of Member Relations and oversee the flow of the organization as a whole. Assist with special projects; act as a liaison to PRSA Detroit and official advisors, assist in the coordination in the fall Student Development Conference.
  2. Vice President of Professional Development: Assist in coordination of the Student Development Conference, assist with special projects. Help obtain portfolio opportunities for members, coordinate professional development efforts, continue to add internship contacts to the internship spreadsheet, work with the members to find internships, handle alumni information.
  3. Vice President of Member Relations: Manage the PRSSA Gmail account. Check account daily and forward emails where they need to go. Communicate with members to find out their idea of what they want out of membership in PRSSA, create surveys to assess interest in member topics, liaison between members and executive board, coordinate outreach to PR related classes to talk about PRSSA, contact all new members to make them feel welcome.
  4. Chief Financial Officer: Process requisitions and account transactions, act as principle advisor for fundraising, oversee fundraising committee, keep updated and accurate account records, keep executive knowledgeable of financial status including outstanding balances, etc.
  5. Vice President of Public Relations: Distribute flyers and other materials to potential members. Write and submit press releases to local media outlets when required, clip articles with PRSSA mentions in published materials, maintain and update bulletin boards throughout campus, manage blog.
  6. Director of Social Media: Maintain social media presence of EMU PRSSA on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  7. Vice President of Special Events and Programs: Plan the induction ceremony and spring gala, assist VP of Member Relations in planning social events for members, coordinate the Student Development Conference, assist in any other special projects as they come up.
  8. Vice President of External Relations: Coordinate chapter events and activities outside of regularly scheduled PRSSA functions or events. This includes at least one community outreach event each year and overseeing the logistics of the Bateman Competition.

To see a more detailed list of each position’s job responsibilities, click here: Executive Board Positions.


2015-2016 E-board elections will be on held Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Source: EAA Union

Source: EAA Union

The elections for the 2015-2016 e-board will be held on Tuesday, April 14 in SC 302. Elections will began at 5:30 pm. PRSSA members are invited to come vote.  Results will be shared immediately after ballots are counted. The newly elected e-board will meet with the current e-board member in their new position to exchange binders and get advice.

Letters of intent are due tomorrow

Letters of intent are due Tuesday, April 7, 2015. There will also be a meeting beginning at 5:30 pm in SC 302. 

Elections will be held on Tuesday, April 14 in SC 302.

To apply for any e-board position, members must submit a letter of intent (a cover letter) that states why they would be a good fit for the position and why they want the position. Please submit a resume with your letter. Letters of intent should be emailed to Gina (  or Ken ( .



Positions available include:

President: Ensures that everything EMU PRSSA runs smoothly by communicating with e-board members and running PRSSA e-board and general meetings. The President. The president serves as a liaison with faculty and advisor.

Vice President (of Professional Development): The vice president of professional development is responsible for stepping in for the president if they are unable to attend a meeting. This person helps members find internships. He/she schedules agency tours in conjunction with the vice president of special events, plans the spring gala and assists the president with finding speakers for the meetings.

Chief Financial Officer: The CFO is responsible for collecting EMU PRSSA dues, sending dues to PRSSA National and acts as the principal advisor for fundraising.

Vice President of Communication: This person is responsible for managing the EMU PRSSA email account. They must record meeting minutes (eboard and general meetings) and send them to members via email within 24 hours of meetings.

Vice President of Member Relations: This person helps organize speakers for meetings and events, communicates with members to find out what they want out of their PRSSA membership, and coordinates outreach to journalism, marketing and PR classes at EMU.

Vice President of Public Relations: This person is responsible for all public relations for the Chapter, including creating flyers for events and meetings. They are responsible for EMU PRSSA social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram). This person should have a basic understanding of how social media and graphic design programs (InDesign, Publisher) work.

Vice President of Special Events + Programs: This person plans the annual Student Development Conference, assists with the planning of agency tours, Fajita Fest, kickoff meetings, social events and Speed Mentoring.

Vice President of Community Relations: This person plans community outreach programs, builds relationships with the community and nonprofit organizations and assists with special projects as needed.

Editor-in-Chief: The EIC is responsible for the EMU PRSSA blog and website. They are in charge of planning and organizing the blog, managing the overall process of deadlines, layouts, design and placement of articles and keeping members up to date with news and information. Experience in blogging, copywriting and editing experience and be familiar with the WordPress platform is a plus.