The Promotional Mix

By: NinaMaria Badalementi

For this months blog I’m going to take a step outside of Public Relations and look at the big picture of promotions. I will be covering the four traditional components of the promotional mix.


This component contains all mass media, such as TV, radio, magazines, newspaper, and internet sources. Using these mediums as a way to get the word out on a product, service, or company is vital for this time period. The above examples of mass media are called mediums; the specific source you use is known as the vehicle. For example, magazines are a medium but Life Magazine is a vehicle. You want to make sure you use the correct vehicle to reach your specific target market.

Sales Promotion

This is a tool used as direct inducements to encourage a particular response on part of the prospective buyer. Sales promotion consists of things like free samples, discount coupons, and contests. This gives consumers an incentive to buy your product and create more interest for it.

Personal Selling

Personal selling is a very interpersonal, direct method of marketing. It is an interactive persuasive process designed to encourage action on part of the prospective buyer. This outlet is especially useful because the message can be adapted according to your audience. An example of this would be a basic sales pitch.

ipad guy


Public Relations/Publicity

Public relations is the non-personal form communication designed to influence attitudes and opinions of various groups of stakeholders. The tactics of this component are to generate positive publicity or to overcome negative publicity. Public relations has much to do with branding and the way a brand is perceived.

Now that you know the four traditional components of promotion, and have a better idea of the overlap between marketing and public relations you can put the PRO in promotions!

NinaMaria is a senior double majoring in Communication and Electronic Media and minoring in Marketing. She is serving her first year on the EMU PRSSA E-Board as Vice President of External Relations. She hopes to find a career in Media that combines her interest in broadcasting and her passion for people. She also hopes to work in a big city one day. Contact NinaMaria through her email

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