Things I gained from PRSSA E-Board

By: Andrea Mellendorf

The past four years have been a wild ride. Four years of college have been busy and filled with classes, jobs, homework, fun, and of course, PRSSA. Serving on the PRSSA E-Board for three years has given me countless opportunities to build my portfolio and resume, and network with students and professionals from around the world. With E-Board elections next week, I thought I would share a few things I’ve gained from serving on E-Board:

  1. Connections

Being on E-Board has connected me with student leaders on campus, as well as professionals from the area and from the public relations industry, and universities around the world. These connections have helped connect me to opportunities in the field and mentors who truly care about my professional growth and experiences.

  1. Leadership experience.

Yeah, it might be a cliche, but E-Board has taught me how to serve as a leader in a productive and respectable way. Working as a team for a common goal is a very valuable aspect of public relations, and something that I experienced and enhanced as a member of E-Board.

  1. Conference experience.

Being on E-Board has opened up opportunities to travel to conferences all over the country. From regional conferences here in the state to national events in Atlanta,  Austin, Texas and coming up in Seattle, becoming more involved with PRSSA has provided opportunities that I never thought were possible.

  1. Lifelong friends.

PRSSbAes, enough said.


Courtesy Photo

Andrea Mellendorf is a senior and serves as the Chapter President for EMU PRSSA. She previously has served as the Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Special Events and Programs for EMU PRSSA, and as an intern for the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum. Andrea currently is the Social Media Operator for The Honors College where she manages their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and for the College of Arts and Sciences, where she manages their Facebook and Twitter. Connect with Andrea on Twitter – @AndreaMell!


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