Stand out and make a statement

By: Nikki Mikolon

Super Bowl LI was memorable to say the least. Not only did the New England Patriots come back from an over 20 point deficit, with unbelievable calls and winning in overtime, but Super Bowl LI occurred just after our new president has taken office. With protests and marches occurring all over the nation and the world, people are riled up about some serious issues on gender and race. Who would have known that after 50 years since our ancestors fought for civil and equal rights that we would still be fighting? There are mixed emotions throughout the country about the new leader. The Super Bowl is one of the most viewed programs on television. This is widely known in the advertising world and of course consumers have taken notice of this, with the greatly anticipated Super Bowl commercials.

The halftime performance is another big part of the Super Bowl that even catches the eye of those who could care less about the game. Needless to say with all eyes on the ball, the advertisers and performers have the ability to make a statement that will be known to all whether they watch the game or not. This year, we saw some commercials by companies that took advantage of the spotlight to make a statement that could be seen as slightly political, but also solidifies their brand image. Audi had a wonderful commercial called “Daughters.” The commercial showed a young girl in a cart race against other boys. Her father is the narrator in the commercial saying things like, “Will she receive equal pay? Will she be valued as much as her male counterparts? How can he, as a father, tell her about the world? What can she expect?” In the end, the daughter wins the race and the dad thinks that one day he may not have to tell his daughter things like this. Audi announced they were “committed to equal pay and equal work for all.”

Lady Gaga was this year’s Super Bowl performer, and was applauded after her performance for not making it political. Little did many realize, Gaga was making a stance whether they noticed or not. The show was innovative and fresh, with drones that lit up the sky as Gaga stood above NRG Stadium. Gaga did not make a huge impression or noticeable stance that was rumored to have occurred last year during Beyoncé’s performance. Gaga put on a great show while still making a stance when she sang her iconic song “Born This Way,” the unspoken LGBTQ anthem. An applause should be given to Gaga for keeping the show light with a memorable performance!

Nikki Mikolon is a senior majoring in public relations and minoring in marketing. As a Detroit native, she hopes to spend her beginning years working for the city and being a part of its renaissance. Connect with Nikki on Twitter @nikkimikolon.


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