The power of Canva

By: Abby Cousineau

How this easy-to-use, online graphic design app can help increase engagement on social media channels.


Photo created by Abby Cousineau using Canva

I stumbled across a case study the other day, and the headline read: “How One Company Used Canva to Increase their Social Media Engagement by 1100%.” Social media is a huge part of PR today and every company seeks to increase engagement online, so this obviously caught my attention.

Conversational, a virtual receptionist company for small businesses and startups, has been using Canva for about one year and has experienced amazing results. The company uses the app to create eye-catching images, which they post to their social channels. According to Conversational’s Marketing Director Debra Carpenter, the company “has seen an 1100 percent increase in engagement on social media and more website traffic than ever,” since using the graphic design app.

According to Carpenter, Canva helped the company in three major ways:

  1. Build a consistent, recognizable online brand.

“We pick a template we like, change the colors, adjust the font, and make it “look” like the Conversational brand […] Being able to add our logo and control the fonts and colors on every image we create has been helpful in building and strengthening our brand as a whole.”

  1. Create content that people enjoy seeing and want to share.

“We’re using Canva to support our brand by creating shareable infographics, custom blog images, and even images that promote special discounts or customer surveys […] Posts with Canva images consistently bring in the most engagement.”

  1. Post less often.

“[Below] is a screenshot from our Facebook engagement report last month, showing that we had 5.4K engagements, 211 new fans, and 250 clicks to our website all while sharing 37 fewer posts than the same time last year. That’s a sign that what we’re posting now—images made with Canva—is a lot more engaging to our audience.”

Canva ultimately helped Conversational gain better results from their marketing campaigns and engage with their audience better.

Do you think you or your company could benefit from Canva, too?

Abby Cousineau is a junior at EMU majoring in public relations and minoring in graphic design and marketing. Abby is currently serving her first year on EMU PRSSA E-board as Social Media Director. She was drawn to social media because it allows her to merge her passions of writing and design. You can usually find her outside any time the weather is nice, or exploring the Ann Arbor restaurant scene. Connect with Abby on Instagram @abcattt.


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