Take a look into Lookbook

By: Shanya Parrott

Editor’s note: This blog is part of a series of guest posts from social media students at Eastern Michigan University. Follow the conversations at #LRNSMPR and @ginaluttrell.

Lookbook.nu is an online portfolio for models, fashion stylists and clothing lines. The tool allows you to post different “looks” or outfits for followers to see. You can upload a whole outfit along with up close and personal pictures so followers can see the details of the whole look. Lookbook is available all across the world. If you have a phone, tablet or laptop, and are interested in fashion, then Lookbook is for you. It is available in website and app form. You can download the app on all Androids and iPhones via the App Store or Googleplay and it is free. You can either take photos yourself or have your own personal photographer. This tool can be revolutionary to the fashion world and a beginner stylist.


Source: Lookbook.nu

Lookbook can be amazing when used the right way. It can be very helpful in the social media world because you are in fact using a social media network that will help you build your audience. You can link back to your profile on your other accounts or upload your post from Lookbook straight to your account. It also helps with keeping track of all of your looks. You are setting up a portfolio, which can be very helpful to your brand.


Source: Lookbook.nu


Lookbook is easy to navigate, especially if you are looking for a particular collection, such as looks for dinners, weddings or parties. You can find these looks under the tab “Collections.” You can also search looks by brand, which would be great for public relations. If your client is a clothing line or brand you can create a Lookbook featuring their products. This will draw in fans and revenue for their brand.

If you are just a fashion stylist trying to get your foot in the door of the fashion world, this tool can be useful because it generates different ways you can be seen. You can enter contests and become a part of different collections or styles. The use of hashtags can be very helpful because you can group all of your looks together. My favorite thing about this tool is that you can find just about any look and any style.


Source: Lookbook.nu


I hate being spammed with ads and this tool will do that to you. It turns me off because I just want to see the outfits posted, not be hammered with advertisements. The tool also conducts interviews with fashion bloggers, which they are not very good at keeping up with. The last interview posted was from 2015!

The site implements these features called “Hype” and “Karma.” If you are new to the site, these features may be difficult to understand and Lookbook does not do a good job at explaining them. However, they have forums that allow you to give other users the answers they need.

Lastly, the tool has features you can use to track the exposure of your looks. For example,  you can see how many views you received on a look and how many people have viewed your profile. People can “Fan” your profile and you can keep track of who your fans are, but there is one thing I do not like…you can’t see when any of this is being done! I like to know when I have the most traffic on my page so I know when to post. Of course, you can use other tools, such as Hootsuite, but that creates more of a hassle. Just add a feature that helps you keep track of time and you will be good to go.


Source: Lookbook.nu

Whether you are a model, fashion stylist, or even just a fashion lover, Lookbook is for you!  Get your daily fashion fix or show the world you are capable of putting together some fly outfits with Lookbook!

This article was originally published on https://shanyaparrott.wordpress.com.

Shanya Parrott is an undergraduate student at Eastern Michigan University. She is studying to get her bachelor’s degree in public relations with a minor in communications. You may contact her on Facebook @shanyanashay.



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