Why you need this app like…now!

By: Courtney Carroll

Editor’s note: This blog is part of a series of guest posts from social media students at Eastern Michigan University. Follow the conversations at #LRNSMPR and @ginaluttrell.


Source: Patch.com

Do you ever find yourself looking for news on social media? Someone posts a tweet about whatever is going on that day and you’re just like wait, what? Then you go search for it?

Well say no more! Those days are over, my friend!

Let me introduce you to Patch—the app that provides you with your local and national news! Run by professional editors and salespeople, this community-specific news, information and engagement network allows you to contribute content, keep up with news and events, learn more about local businesses, and participate in discussions!

Available on iPhone and Android or online at Patch.com, you’re able to connect to the news you want, where you want it! So cool, right?

Patch has SO many features and categories to explore. Type in your location and you’re ready to roll! Not only does this app allow live notifications as stories break, but it can be utilized as an advertisement tool! Local business owners can buy ads for the specified area, and post on bulletin boards about events and talk about what is happening in the community. This allows for open conversation and local notices posted by Patch users.

I just had to do it!

Moving on…

Patch includes your own local calendar featuring events nearby your area, which allows you to post events you may be hosting in your area. This gives you the chance to make those local events you’ve always wanted to or just completely forgot about because you never put it in your calendar.

Not limited to just a calendar feature, Patch provides real estate postings via realtor.com  and job postings via Zip recruiter. Patch allows you to search for jobs and look at job boards, which gives you the option of narrowing down your searches.

Considering all Patch has to offer, they definitely have many attributes to acknowledge. Here are the pros of using this new app:

  • Contacting them is EASY! They provide email addresses for feedback, media inquiries, news tips and partnerships. Whenever you need to contact them, they keep the lines open!
  • Live feed: Providing a live feed on the home page gives you the current, never-ending news around the world. This gives YOU the choice whether you want to read national or local news.
  • You don’t need an account to read the news! You don’t even need an account to comment, so you can still be active in your community. Score!
  • Stories are written by Patch staff. This means educated journalists and writers who are credible. Not just anyone can post stories.
  • Share stories to Facebook and Twitter. This is especially useful on the local stream, which provides local updates from Facebook and Twitter.

Nothing new comes without its flaws, and Patch is no exception. Here are some cons to this new app:

  • The locations provided are limited. When searching for your location, you may have trouble. Unfortunately, Patch hasn’t evolved enough to include more than just select locations.
  • Realtor.com isn’t the most up-to-date real estate website, so using Patch to look for your new abode may not be the best idea…yet.
  • With an advertisement feature, comes LOTS of ads. That’s right, the web version of Patch has a ton of ads that make it irritating to read online, however, the app seems to be clear of those, so far.
  • The app only gives you the news. So all those features that you see online, you only see the news you want to receive.

Source: Patch app


Source: Patch online

Now, I know. What good does this do for us aspiring or current public relations professionals? This app provides us with the tool of local and national news, which all PR professionals need to stay on top of. However, Patch also provides us with JOBS! Yes, it’s crazy, but they have editorial, sales, and community contributor jobs available for people interested. If that’s you, you’re in luck!

But don’t just take it from me—check it out for yourself! You be the judge!

Courtney Carroll is a senior at EMU double majoring in communications and public relations. As a social media fean and news addict, she spends her free time searching the web in hopes of new ideas. With plans to graduate next fall, Courtney is excited for the journey ahead! Connect with her on Twitter @courtttnnneeeyy.


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