Raptr: Gaming app

By: Jack Thibault

Editor’s note: This blog is part of a series of guest posts from social media students at Eastern Michigan University. Follow the conversations at #LRNSMPR and @ginaluttrell.

Hi everyone! So, about two months ago, I decided to sift through my proverbial “attic” of stuff my friends wanted me to get for my dinosaur of a laptop—at the cutting edge of the long forgotten era of five years ago. There, while sifting through the long-forsaken relics (I even found my old AIM application—imagine that), I stumbled across Raptr again. Out of curiosity, I reopened this app and found that it had evolved into growing plaza for the expansive, rapidly ballooning metropolis that is internet gaming and streaming, which I have recently become a citizen of myself.

So, I can honestly go on for a while about what makes this app a good asset to you—a potential gamer who may be interested in seeing live streams of your favorite games or making a compilation of your own videos, but to keep it short and to the point, let’s focus on home. The home screen of this application has a similar feel of the DirecTV sports hubs. You know, the ones where tons of sports games from across America would be simultaneously playing on one channel? Raptr’s home screen is quite similar in regards to streamers and gaming. Screens with direct links to big-name streaming sites, such as Twitch.tv and Plays.tv, can be used to watch your favorite streamers play simultaneously all on one site. That seems all well and good, but where does the app come in? Raptr also allows you to record videos of your own games in real time, allowing you to edit, customize and share clips of your beastly plays instantly to any social media or streaming site.


Now, let’s look at the other side of the coin. Along with other problems that plague this app, the one I personally found to be the most aggravating is the recording function on my old, decrepit computer. The game was lagging so badly when it was recording, and the recording turned out to be crap when I looked it over. Luckily, my friend uses this app and has a way better computer and it worked much better. So just refrain from using it with outdated hardware. A second major problem I found was the lack of utilization of other social features of the app, mainly sharing videos or photos publicly on the app. When I observed this aspect, I instantly was disappointed in the sheer lack of content and shoddy presentation of what little they had. On a good note, however, their community is very active in the commentary sphere of the app, where they talk about recent gaming news.

Now, how would an app like this prove useful for companies to advertise their product? And who would benefit most? Twitch streamers are an obvious first. Famous Twitch streamers and their sponsors must put this app into mind because of how rapidly expanding it is to people who watch them. Posting their ads on this site would reach many people with the same personas as those who watch their stream. The second advantage would be the shop. The shop has not been mentioned until now, but is a useful avenue in game companies, such as Riot Games, to make their products more enticing. Raptr uses a currency system, where you get money by using the app frequently. The shop contains skins, packs and expansions for various popular games (i.e. Smite, League of Legends).

In conclusion, am I trying to sell this app to you whatsoever? No. Simply put, it’s a cool thingy I found that some of you may find pretty cool, too! You can download it to your desktop for free by going to Raptr.com.

Facebook Post (found on my Facebook wall):

So for one of my classes I had to research about an “obscure” website or application that can be used as an alternate social media outlet for certain groups. The app I found interesting preaches more to my gaming persona than anything else, and it’s called Raptr! It’s a free app for your computer. But enough with the sales pitch, you can read more about it on my blog at jrtblogblog.wordpress.com! #LRNSMPR

Twitter Post (found on my twitter page @jthibau3):

This is NOT a sales pitch! I made a post in my blog about this cool new gaming app I found for the computer called Raptr! #LRNSMPR

Jack Thibault is a guest blogger. 




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