Cyfe for life: The up-and-coming website that will change your life

By: Taylor Bojeri

Editor’s note: This blog is part of a series of guest posts from social media students at Eastern Michigan University. Follow the conversations at #LRNSMPR and @ginaluttrell.

Take a minute to scroll through your phone. How many pages of apps and folders do you have? Between games, social media, email, and school apps, I count over 40 on my phone alone.

Now imagine how many different websites, media accounts, or apps a company has to keep track of. Not only do they need to manage all of their marketing, advertising, analytics, social media, sales, financing, projects, etc., they also need to keep up with the statistics and effectiveness of it all.

Trying to balance what is going on in every aspect of the business, while making sure consumers are getting the proper attention is no easy task.

 Have no fear Cyfe is here!

Why spend all that time being frazzled about everything happening online with your company?


Make life simpler and more efficient by visiting Cyfe is a handy website that allows you to easily create dashboards with widgets—little boards for each site that link to your different accounts online.

Need to manage multiple outlets in each department of your company? No problem!

Cyfe lets you make a dashboard for each subject area, and organize each site in that field onto one screen. Not only does this allow you to see all your linked widgets on one screen, but you can even share each dashboard with coworkers or the public. Customize your dashboard to suit your style and even save it as your homepage on your web browser

Easily keep up with five dashboards with five widgets each, for free. That’s right . . . FREE!


Photo taken by Taylor Bojeri


It’s even great for larger companies that need more organization. For only $19 a month you can upgrade to Premium Cyfe, which allows for more access such as:

  • Unlimited dashboards/widgets
  • Access to data on your media further than a month back
  • Exporting your data
  • Sharing your dashboard
  • Rotating dashboards on your screen for easy viewing

Cyfe Vs. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a more popular media organization tool, but believe it or not, it was rated less popular than Cyfe by users, according to Finance Online. Users also continually note the ease of using Cyfe compared to Hootsuite in regards to viewing information, as well as figuring out how to navigate the site. Cyfe even offers online support, a strong knowledge base, and video tutorials to teach you how to use the site. After signing up online, they instantly send you an email welcoming you, giving a video tutorial, and leaving a contact for future questions. The site even offers a blog page with different articles about social media, analytics, tips and tricks for using the site, and information on technology management.



No website is perfect though. Here are a few things that weren’t ideal:


Unfortunately, Cyfe hasn’t developed into something we can download on Androids and iPhones. On the positive side, the mobile browser is just as efficient to use on the go.


The free version of the website sometimes doesn’t allow for the widgets to load all of the information.


Like many sites, using the free version doesn’t allow you to have full access to all Cyfe has to offer.

Just like anything in this digital age, there will be pros and cons to using a tool. Cyfe happens to be one of those where the positive outweighs the negative!

Taylor Bojeri is a guest blogger.


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