Bateman Competition: Gaining more than just knowledge

By: Irene Pool


Source: 2016 EMU PRSSA Bateman team

Throughout college I have had my fair share of group projects in my classes. They have caused me many headaches because we all know as students that we want to have 100 percent control of our grade. What I didn’t realize was how important those projects were and how they would prepare me for my future.

In the public relations world, you will always be working with a team. It is rare to find a situation or client where you are completely on your own. When it came to the Bateman campaign with EMU PRSSA, teamwork was the key to success. If it wasn’t for my team, our campaign wouldn’t have finished the way it did.

Being the first year EMU’s PRSSA chapter partook in Bateman, it was difficult at times to navigate our way through the challenges. Our team ran into our fair share of road bumps, but I can proudly say that we worked together as a team and pushed through them. Students have the tendency to forget what college is truly about. College is an opportunity to let us learn and make mistakes. We work with so many different people in our field and get a little taste of all types of work. With Bateman, it was a great opportunity for our chapter to learn the fundamentals behind running a campaign.

This campaign also gave me the opportunity to work with Eastern’s Student Veterans of America chapter on campus and learn more about what they have to offer. Any topic of military hits home for me because my family has a huge background in the military. My mother served in the Army for 10 years, father served in the Army over 30 years, grandfather in the Navy for over eight years, cousin in the Marines for five years and my brother is currently in Army ROTC out at Western Michigan University. Having the opportunity to learn more about veterans in the area and hear their stories was amazing.

bateman 2

Source: 2016 EMU PRSSA Bateman team

EMU PRSSA and SVA have grown a friendship with their members. I will take these experiences with me for my entire life. Working with another organization on campus and seeing their perspective on how they run a chapter opened my eyes to new opportunities.

If someone asked if they should be a part of future Bateman teams, I would recommend it in a heartbeat. Not only does it give you experience in the field but you walk away with lifelong friendships.

Irene Pool is a senior at Eastern Michigan University majoring in public relations and minoring in communications. This is her first year in EMU’s PRSSA chapter. She was drawn to social media because she likes being able to connect with others in many different ways. Irene is an outgoing person who enjoys learning something new every day. She loves finding the beauty in the world and facing new challenges.


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