Leadership Highlight: Betsy Plank

By: Natalie Burns

Back in the 1920s there was no such thing as a public relations major. However, it’s people like Betsy Plank that made public relations possible. Because of her efforts to advance PR education, we get to see the diversity, transparency, and growth the field has today. Plank expressed the importance of interpersonal communication, and she also put emphasis on the future of public relations and how it depends on research and education. In 1967, she helped create the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), where we all have learned skill sets, communication techniques, and networking tools.

Betsy Plank is considered the “Godmother of PRSSA” and her contributions to the industry have shown great leadership qualities and determination skills that are important virtues for students to learn as they grow stronger in the PR industry. Betsy Plank was the first woman elected president of PRSSA, and has helped shape the world of PR.

In dedication to her commitment as a PR professional, The Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations will honor her by hosting a national celebration, Betsy Day, on April 7.

If you want to learn more about the Betsy Day that will involve a national ongoing social media campaign, please visit this website.

Source: All information from http://plankcenter.ua.edu/betsyday/.

Natalie Burns is a senior pursuing her public relations major. She is the Chief Financial Officer of PRSSA. She has experience in both marketing and non-profit organizations. Connect with her via Twitter @burns_natalie and Instagram @natbsweetee. You can also check out her blog at natalierb.wordpress.com.



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