Storytelling on Snapchat

By: Stephen Kurily

This PR Daily article written by John Egan on Jan. 29, 2016 takes a look at the trend of professional storytellers adding Snapchat to their social media platform arsenal.

The article makes an interesting point about how the platform is very effective in sending your messages out due to the very engaged users on Snapchat paying attention to what is posted there.



The article continues to make the point that Snapchat is not your typical social media platform. It is not something where you can simply post images and links as you can on Twitter and Facebook. Snapchat is a unique platform in the way that users share on it, and must be fully understood in order to use it correctly.

I recently re-downloaded Snapchat after reading some articles about it. I had a Snapchat right when the platform was created. Since then, there have been an incredible number of changes. When I downloaded the app again, it was like a completely different platform. I’m still trying to figure out how to integrate Snapchat as a social media tool for the library where I am interning at, as well as the animal rescue that I am working for in my Case Studies class.

I find myself perplexed on how to incorporate it as platform for these organizations to use. The more that I use the app myself, the better I understand how to effectively communicate using it. However, I think I need to do more research on how businesses have seen success with integrating Snapchat into their social media arsenal.

The article continues to credit Snapchat as being the first natural broadcast medium for social media. Sending Snapchats and updating your Snapchat Story very closely resembles a live video news feed.

I think that this is what is setting Snapchat apart from traditional social media platforms. The timeliness element of Snapchat encourages users to interact on the app much more frequently compared to social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. It also allows for instant sharing, in short intervals, which is exactly how millennials wish to share and receive information currently.

Stephen Kurily is a guest blogger.


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