Social media is a great tool when promoting events

By: Daizchane Baker

During Speed Mentoring, Denise Murray, director of marketing and business development at Briarwood Mall, shared a story of how social media helped to improve attendance at an event she held. We discussed the power social media has when promoting and planning an event. Here are three ways that social media is beneficial when promoting an event.

social media


1. Social media provides exposure.

By promoting your events on social media you gain more exposure to a wider audience. Social media provides a lot of great tools to make this even easier. Go beyond the typical tweets and statuses. Use the Facebook Events tool that allows you and others to invite people to the event. This tool also helps to get an estimate of potential attendees by looking at the number of people who responded that they are attending. For major events with extra money in the budget, promoted social media advertisements is another way to increase exposure.

2.Every follower and organization has his or her own networks.

If you collaborate on an event with sponsors and other organizations they will use their social media channels to promote the event as well. Since their name is attached to the event, they will want to see it succeed. Their social media channels have their own sets of followers, which leads to a wider network of exposure. Each follower comes with their own networks, and they may share the event with those that will attend or donate to the cause.

 3.Live event coverage can lead to more attendance.

Posting pictures and live tweets from the event can gain more attendance from people in the area. There is a chance that they may have not seen any social media material from the event or simply forgot. By posting live from the event, potential attendees can see the action and may want to join in on the fun.

Daizchane Baker is a guest blogger.


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