What to expect in fashion PR

By: Lauren Houck


Source: blogger.lookonline.com

Whether you are in your first public relations class or you’re in your very last, you know public relations practitioners never have the same day twice, and from the beginning of the work day you may not have a chance to sit down until you go home that night. In an article by Business Insider, they follow around a PR intern for Alison Brod during New York’s Spring Fashion Week 2016, and realize just how much behind the scenes work a PR firm really does.

Alison Brod is considered a public relations powerhouse in New York, and they keep business running smoothly for big brands like Nicole Miller, especially during busy weeks like Fashion Week. Fashion PR can be a completely different world from agency PR and especially corporate PR. It is an extremely fast-paced and competitive field, with long, stressful hours. Research is key to any field in public relations and fashion PR is no exception. You have to know both your client and their brand, know their audience, and be able to effectively market that audience.

You also have to be an expert in all areas of PR. Being able to work well with others and build relationships with people is what PR is all about, and fashion PR ties all of the key aspects of PR together into one amazing field. You have to be able to work with editors, journalists, models, and celebrities. You not only have to work with writers and models, but you also have to work toward building relationships with your customers, make sure they are pleased with your brand, and if they are not, you have to be ready to put out that fire.

And finally, in PR you must always understand trends; specifically in fashion, you have to understand media trends as well as trends in the fashion industry. Ride the media wave and use it to promote how your brand fits in with the current trends.


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