What PRSSA has given to me, and what PRSSA can give to you

By: Rachel Dwornick

Since I will be graduating in April I have started to reflect on my time in college and PRSSA. I joined PRSSA last March when I was elected to be the vice president of member relations for the upcoming year. PRSSA has given me so many opportunities to learn new things, network and build relationships with other PR majors.

PRSSA has given me so many opportunities to learn new things outside of the classroom. Joining PRSSA was one of the best decisions because I have been able to see firsthand what it is like to work for an agency, corporation and nonprofit through workshops and agency tours. PRSSA will help prepare you for life after college and allow you to continue your education outside of the classroom.

You always hear that networking is so important, but sometimes this can be hard to accomplish in the classroom. Of course we are networking with other PR majors, but meeting PR professionals in the field can be difficult to do. PRSSA has given me that opportunity through speed mentoring, workshops and agency tours. At these events PRSSA gives you the opportunity to build these connections, allowing you to network with professionals who are in the field now.

Finally, PRSSA has given me the opportunity to build relationships with other PR majors. This past semester I attended the national PRSSA conference. At the conference I was able to connect with other PR majors from across the world, but you don’t have to attend the national conference to build these relationships. PRSSA workshops give you the opportunity to meet other PR majors at your school who may just be starting out or about to graduate. These relationships will help you before and after you graduate.

PRSSA has given me lots of opportunities to network, build relationships and learn new things. PRSSA can give you the same opportunities and more.

Rachel Dwornick is a senior at Eastern Michigan University studying public relations with a minor in communications. She holds the position of Member Relations in PRSSA and is an active member of Alpha Xi Delta. Follow her on Twitter at @racheldwornick.



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