We Are One aims to bring awareness to the veteran community

By: Irene Pool


Created by EMU PRSSA Bateman team

Founded in 1997, Eastern Michigan University Public Relations Student Society of America has grown every year and has impacted students all over campus. Our chapter is involved with agency tours, setting our members up for success in the real world and much more. But this year EMU PRSSA decided to partake in the PRSSA Bateman Case Study Competition for the first time.

Every year PRSSA Nationals provides an opportunity to apply your classroom experience by working with a client to produce a full out public relations campaign. Now this just isn’t writing up a simple proposal; this competition aims to put the students out in the field by writing press releases, connecting with the media, running events that help support your campaign goals and conducting research through interviews. This is a chance for each chapter to come together as a team and produce professional work.

The client chosen for Bateman was Student Veterans of America (SVA). With some quick research we were able to see that EMU has its very own SVA chapter. EMU SVA is focused on addressing the needs and concerns of military veterans in higher education. To help support and bring awareness to their chapter, PRSSA has created the “We Are One” campaign. “We Are One” has set out to increase awareness on our campus and in surrounding communities.

With our campaign we want to show the public that everyone is a part of a community and how EMU SVA is a great opportunity to connect with one another. Communities can start off as small as a team but end up as large as a country. The feeling of belonging is important in this day and age, and we try to associate ourselves with as many individuals as possible. Not only do veterans have their military community, but they’re also involved with more.

We have much planned for our campaign so please follow us on our social media sites to keep informed. We are on Facebook and on Twitter.

Irene Pool is a senior at Eastern Michigan University majoring in public relations and minoring in communications. This is her first year in EMU’s PRSSA chapter. She was drawn to social media because she likes being able to connect with others in many different ways. Irene is an outgoing person who enjoys learning something new every day. She loves finding the beauty in the world and facing new challenges.


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