Time-saving apps for busy PR students

By: Andrea Mellendorf

Being a public relations student is busy, there’s no denying it. Thankfully, living in the age of technology gives students many opportunities to make everyday tasks just a little more convenient through apps available on their smartphones or tablets! Here are a few time-saving apps to help you survive second semester:



Source: play.google.com

Don’t have time to stand in the long Starbucks line in the Student Center? Need food, but can’t leave the library to go grab something? Tapingo can help! This free app can use your meal plan or a credit card to order food ahead of time and have it ready for you to pick up at on-campus dining locations. This means you can order your Starbucks when you leave class, and have it ready for you to grab off the counter by the time you walk to the Student Center. In addition, Tapingo can be used to order delivery food from local restaurants such as Panera Bread or Chipotle! Beat the lines and save time by having your food ready to be picked up, or even brought right to you!



Source: play.google.com

If you’re like me and don’t own a printer, and just rely on campus printing for all of your hard-copy needs, having to scan documents can be a bit of an inconvenience, because that means trekking across campus to the library. Camscanner is a free app that allows you to take a picture of a document and have it converted into a PDF and emailed to you or dropped onto Google Drive. No more searching campus to find a scanner when your smartphone or tablet can do the same thing!

Perfect Video

perfect video

Source: Ilovefreesoftware.com

Perfect Video is a hidden gem in the app world. This drag and drop video editing application allows you to quickly edit a video, add music or text, and upload it directly to YouTube when you are done. The free version only allows you to create 30 seconds of video, but for just a few dollars you can makes videos as long as you would like, a small price to pay for a big convenience!



Source: play.google.com

If you’re an EMU PR student, you’re used to Canvas. The Canvas app allows you to see your grade, view assignments, and do those discussion prompts on the go! You can even use the app to email professors, or view messages from them or your classmates.

Andrea Mellendorf is a junior public relations and communication double major. She is currently serving as the Vice President of Special Events and Programs for EMU PRSSA, and previously served as the Chief Financial Officer for the chapter. Andrea also serves as a Resident Advisor on Eastern’s campus and as the social media operator for the EMU Honors College, where she manages the college’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.


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