Why you should use Apple News

By: Rachel Dwornick

In the field of public relations we know the importance of keeping up with the latest events going on. Whether it is breaking news, the hot new teach gear coming to the market or the latest fashion trends, following the news is a must for any public relations practitioner. Here are some reasons I love the Apple News app.

For You: For You is where all your latest news stories are posted. Here you can see all the news articles written by the publications you follow with the most recent articles at the top. I love For You because if you only look at the news twice a day the most recent articles are easy to find.

Favorites and Explore: In these two sections you can easily find new publications and publications you have as favorites. This is perfect if you are looking for a specific type of news article or topic. Not only can you follow a specific publication such as The New York Times, but you can also favorite a specific topic such as Public Relations. This is one of my favorite features of this app because I can stay up to date will all things public relations.

Finally Saved: Here you can save articles you wish to return to or read later. This is perfect if you just have time to skim the headlines before heading off to school and want to save an article to read later.

So all in all the Apple News app is a great application. It puts all your favorite news publications and topics in one place and is easy to use. If you haven’t used the Apple News app I highly recommend trying it.

Rachel Dwornick is a senior at Eastern Michigan University studying public relations with a minor in communications. She holds the position of Member Relations in PRSSA and is an active member of Alpha Xi Delta. Follow her on Twitter at @racheldwornick.


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