Let’s Recap! SDC 2015

By: Andrea Mellendorf


Source: EMU PRSSA on Facebook

On Dec. 4, 2015, PRSSA hosted the annual Student Development Conference in the Student Center at Eastern Michigan University! The day was filled with three speakers during the morning session, and a panel of professionals in the afternoon who answered questions about interviewing, resumes and job hunting, and provided feedback on resumes. Here’s some of the top takeaways from the day:

1. Find a mentor, and be a good mentee!

Find a professional who can support you, encourage you and provide advice about the public relations field as you prepare for and journey through your career in PR. Be a good mentee by keeping in touch, and reciprocating the support back to them!

2.Dress to impress!

Be sure to look great when you go for a job interview. Aren’t sure what to wear? One panelist suggested calling HR, asking about the regular dress code at the organization, and dressing one level above that. It’s always better to be the person who came to an interview in a suit than “that guy” who came in flip-flops.

3.It all matters!

Emily Fromm, the marketing director at the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra, reminded the group during the panel to talk about more than just internships on your resume and n an interview. Class projects, volunteer work and extracurricular involvement are great to mention too!

4.Be happy, always.

Speaker Nicole Mangis said “Have fun with what you do and that will make all the difference.” Pick a career that you enjoy!


Keynote speaker Stan Stein told students “Learn how to properly delegate people, and let them take the credit.”

6.Don’t burn bridges.

The people you encounter along the way, whether it be in school, at an internship or in your career could easily end up being your boss one day, or being the connection you need to be successful. Keep your relationships healthy and well-maintained.

Andrea Mellendorf is a junior public relations and communication double major. She is currently serving as the Vice President of Special Events and Programs for EMU PRSSA, and previously served as the Chief Financial Officer for the chapter. Andrea also serves as a Resident Advisor on Eastern’s campus and as the social media operator for the EMU Honors College, where she manages the college’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.


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