Internship Alert! Eisbrenner Public Relations and Golin Unternship

Eisbrenner Public Relations and Golin are now accepting applications.

Eisbrenner Public Relations is looking for a winter intern. According to an email from Eisbrenner, this paid internship will start mid-January and run for three months. The intern will ideally work 40 hours a week, but the minimum is 20. He/she must have outside-the-classroom public relations experience.

For more information about Eisbrenner Public Relations internships, including how to apply, visit its website here.

Golin is now accepting applications for its Unternship. According to its website, “This year’s 2016 Golin Untern will unlock their adventurous spirit and fearless creativity at a critical point in their life. The Golin Untern will embark on a six-week journey filled with once in a lifetime experiences, jumpstarting their career by learning outside the office” (source).  The Untern will have “creative tasks to share their experiences, including regular blogs and social media posts, videos, media interviews, speaking engagements and more. After the six-week Unternship, the Untern will be offered a full-time position with Golin, starting September 2016” (source).

The deadline to apply is Jan. 15, 2016. To learn more about the Unternship, visit here. To apply, visit this page.




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