Four Key Takeaways From the PRSSA National Conference

By: Rachel Dwornick

Recently I attended the PRSSA National Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. The conference was truly amazing and I learned a ton of great information. Here are my four key takeaways from the national conference.

1. “Shine your own shoes and iron your own shirt.”

Scott Williamson, VP, PAC for Coca-Cola North America, reminded us that no matter how successful you are it is important to remember that no job is too small for you to give your best effort. So simply give your best effort no matter the task and always shine your own shoes and iron your own shirt.

2. Your entire portfolio will be way more interesting if you are.

Dan Balser from Creative Circus reminded us that you want your portfolio to be interesting. We often are taught to give the facts, but to set ourselves apart we need to show who we are. Our portfolios are a representation of who we are and what we are passionate about, so why not show people?

3. You are your own brand manager.

Hilary McKean from Ketchum Global talked about how we are our own brand managers now. Who you are, what you want to be and how you present yourself is important to remember. From a simple post on Twitter to your resume, how you brand yourself is important, and we must start branding ourselves now.

4. Find a mentor, then be a mentor.

Lastly, Patrick Ford, VP of Burson, talked about the importance of having a mentor and then being one. Even now you can be a mentor to someone because you know more than someone else. A mentor is someone to use as a sounding board or can help bring insights to you. All you have to do is simply ask.


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