What’s not to love about Bloglovin’?

By: Rachel Dwornick

Editor’s note: This blog is part of a series of guest posts from social media students at Eastern Michigan University. Follow the conversations at #LRNSMPR and @ginaluttrell.

Source: holmsown.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/bloglovin.jpg

Source: holmsown.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/bloglovin.jpg

Recently I have had more of an interest in blogs, some based on things I am passionate about in my personal life, while some are based on public relations. Wanting to read all of these different blogs created the problem of having to go to each website separately, and some sites were not mobile friendly which caused me to think it was more of a hassle than anything else. This is when I discovered Bloglovin’.

Bloglovin’ is an easy to use website that puts all the blogs you like to read in one place. You simply link a particular blog to your account and you are all set. Every day you can get on and your feed will be updated with the new blogs. After you read a blog it disappears off your feed so you know what you have and haven’t read that day.

Some other cool features Bloglovin’ provides is a mobile app, which you can download in the Apple and Android app stores. If you also write your own blog you can link it to your Bloglovin’ account so anyone who follows you on Bloglovin’ can see what you have written. You can also save blogs you liked onto your page so you can easily reference them or look at them at a later date.


  • All your blogs are in one place, making it easy for you to see new posts
  • You can save posts you like to reference later
  • You can link your own blog
  • You can search to find new and interesting blogs to follow


  • My ONLY con is that some blogs will not show the full article on Bloglovin’ and it opens in a web page within the app.

Rachel Dwornick is a senior at Eastern Michigan University studying public relations with a minor in communications. She holds the position of Member Relations in PRSSA and is an active member of Alpha Xi Delta. Follow her on Twitter at @racheldwornick.


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