Lessons learned from the Tanner Friedman agency tour

By: Danita Tatum

Source:  tannerfriedman.com

Source: tannerfriedman.com

On Friday, Oct. 16, PRSSA members had the pleasure of attending the first agency tour of the year at Tanner Friedman in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Tanner Friedman is a small, Detroit-based public relations firm that was founded in 2007 by partners Don Tanner and Matt Friedman. The firm provides a variety of strategic communications services. Its services include media relations, brand building, event management and crisis communication (source)(source).

The agency has worked on a number of projects and the fields vary from nonprofit organizations to automotive manufacturers. According to Matt Friedman, clients typically fall into one of the following categories: private business, professional service firm, or nonprofit organization. Former clients include the Oakland County Animal Shelter, Woodward Dream Cruise and the Goodwill Detroit based Ben & Jerry’s branch.

During our time at the Tanner Friedman agency, the employees gave us tons of great advice about working in an agency and what to expect when working in public relations in general. The following are a few wise words from Tanner Friedman:

  • Be a good counselor to your client.
  • Building trust and mutual respect is an important part of the job.
  • Stay curious
  • Continue to improve your writing to become a better writer
  • Answer your phone (actually talk to people instead of emailing or texting them)
  • Have a “can do” attitude
  • Try to get as much experience as you can

For more information about Tanner Friedman, please visit its website or Linkedin profile.

Danita Tatum is a senior majoring in public relations with a minor in psychology program. She is the Vice President of Professional Development for EMU-PRSSA. Danita also works as a writing tutor at the University Writing Center and manages a PR blog of her own.


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