How public relations has changed my life

By: Rachel Dwornick

Recently, I was reading a blog post about public relations and it said, “The news stream is important, and well-written releases are essential, but they’re a commodity. Press releases don’t add up to a strategic PR program” (source). After reading this I started to reflect on the courses I have taken and what I have learned. Here are four ways that public relations changed my life.

1. Social media isn’t just for fun. 

While it is fun to post pictures to Instagram of you and your friends or Tweet something funny you heard at work that day, that isn’t what social media is all about anymore. I have learned that you can use social media to promote a business or yourself as well as give the public information about your company. Social media is no longer just for personal use but it is truly changing the way we connect with the public.

2. Network, network, network

In the field of public relations you have to network. Networking will open opportunities you never thought you would have and allow you to continue to learn new things and build relationships. I believe networking is a very important part of public relations.

3. Continue your education.

Continuing to learn new things about public relations is a must. As the field grows bigger and bigger each year we must continue to learn, even if you simply read blog posts and stay up-to-date on current events. Any bit of education is so important. Education allows us to improve our work and learn new things we never would have known.

4. Use your judgment.

One of the most important things I have learned is if you think there is an ethical issue use your best judgment and go with your gut. If you feel that a situation is wrong it probably is, and you need to speak up and take action. The only way to hold our field to a high standard is to make sure you are holding yourself to a high standard.




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