Top 10 things to know about our new professor

By: Leah Rodriguez

Jamie Ward

Jamie Ward

This semester the public relations program welcomes new professor Jamie Ward to EMU! So what do we know about her? Here are the top 10 things we should know about our new professor:

1. She is well educated.
Ward has a bachelor’s degree in Communications with a focus on Public Relations from University of Michigan-Dearborn, a master’s degree in Communication Arts from Eastern Michigan University, and a Ph.D. in Communications & Media Studies from Bowling Green State University.

2. She’s been a professor for over 10 years.
Ward has more than a decade of teaching experience at U of M Dearborn, Henry Ford Community College, and Central Michigan University where she taught communications and public relations.

3. Nonprofit is her expertise.
Ward has nearly 10 years of experience in nonprofit work at Girl Scouts of America and Haven, as well as her own graphic design and PR company working with nonprofit organizations.

4. She likes the unpredictable.
When asked, “what was your favorite part about working in the field?” Ward replied, “Every day was different; there wasn’t a typical work day. I liked the variety.”

5. She loves her students.
Her favorite part about being a professor is the students. She loves the interaction with the students.

6. She is pro – PRSSA.
When asked, “Why do you think EMU students should be involved in PRSSA?” Ward replied, “The networking opportunities. You learn more about the field with first-hand experience that you can’t get with classroom experience. It helps prepare students for the world of PR.”

7. She’s ready to dive into the EMU community.
Ward looks forward to working with her students, being involved in the PRSSA Chapter, getting familiar with the PR curriculum and is excited about the PR focused program EMU has to offer.

8. She has HIGH expectations for her students.
We asked her what her expectations were like for her students. Ward responded, “They’re pretty high. Writing should be on point, they should know AP style, and they should be excited to learn about PR more than how they learn from a textbook.”

9. She plans to learn from her students.
“I learn from my students constantly. I think students help me learn different ways to teach and they keep me on my toes to make content relevant. Every group is different and I have to alter my teaching to my students that I have each semester.”

10. She has two HUGE bodyguards.
Something fun about Jamie: she has a bullmastiff named Mocha who is about 100 pounds, and a South African Boerboel named Chaos who weighs around 150 pounds.

Leah Rodriguez is a senior majoring in public relations and minoring in marketing. This is her second year on EMU PRSSA’s executive board, having served as VP of PR and VP of Special Events and Programs in 2014-2015. She is the social media intern for EMU’s College of Arts & Sciences, where she manages their Facebook and Twitter accounts.


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