Five reasons why 2015 was the most annoying summer in social media history

By Scott Mullin

Last summer my newsfeed was bombarded by people dumping ice on themselves for a good cause. While it was annoying at times, it did inform the world about a very rough disease, for which some monies were raised. It also provided some laughs online, which is always a plus.

In 2015, the laughter stopped. This has been a very annoying year on social media due to arguing and bickering over political and social issues. Here are five reasons I think 2015 was the most annoying summer in social media history.

1.Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton
Democrats are slamming Trump, Clinton is being slammed by Republicans. People focus on two extreme figures and forget that there are many others running, like Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, and Bernie Sanders. As people focused on Clinton and Trump, every other candidate became voiceless this summer. It was so bad that people who hate both of these candidates created a candidate of their own. Deez Nutz is a frontrunner now

2.”Netflix and Chill”
If I hear that again, I’m about to Netflix and kill myself! So annoying!

3. Caitlyn Jenner
I think Americans have spent so much time loving/hating Jenner that we have actually lost focus on the people we should spend our focus on, like the poor, the military, the hungry, the old, and even our very own family members. Who cares if Jenner wants to get a sex change?

4. People letting national news stories destroy friendships.
Gay marriage is now legal thanks to the Supreme Court and when someone says “yay,” five people delete them. Same situation happens when someone says “boo,” five people delete them. Who cares? Are you friends with people or with people’s stances on issues? People all season long have been engaged over race/gun/sex issues and I think it is stupid. I think people should use Facebook to keep in touch with each other throughout the years, instead of making it a political war zone.

5. People who still get offended over people who spoil a TV show, sports event, or movie ending.
It’s 2015. If you do not want to hear that the Tigers lost 6-4 or that Jon Snow has passed away on “Game of Thrones,” PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY. STAY OFFLINE. In fact, stay away from the public. If you work until midnight and your popular show ends at 11 p.m., odds are very good that you will hear people talking about how something mainstream ended. The world does NOT revolve around you, get over yourself.

In closing, my summer’s been fun. I clowned around a lot and did the things I like to do, like rode the rides at carnivals and Cedar Point, saw some ball games, napped, and ate tons of ice cream. I also witnessed lots of friends arguing with each other over a ton of garbage they didn’t really need to, and it was really annoying.

I just hope people can make social media fun again in the fall. I’d love to see more pictures of Halloween costumes and hayrides and jokes about the Lions instead of anger. I want to see people be friends again on social media as the weather cools. That’s my pumpkin spiced fantasy. Let’s love each other again.

Scott Mullin is the Vice President of Communications for EMU PRSSA.


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