Public relations tactics in sports

By: Irene Pool

When you attend a sporting event like a Detroit Tigers game or even a Michigan State basketball game, you aren’t thinking about the meaning behind every little detail. When it comes to sports, public relations is huge because you are constantly dealing with a crowd. Here are a few things that PR focuses on within sports.



1. Crisis

With fame comes a lot of pressure; players or even coaches are constantly being watched by the media. One slip-up and it could be on the news within the day. Just like any regular business, a sports team needs to know when the right time is to take the offensive or defensive during a crisis.

2. Promotions

What better way to catch your audience’s attention than to make them feel important? The Tigers and Pistons regularly give out merchandise to the first 10,000 fans in the stadium before games. During games they advertise discounted tickets, kids clubs and even entertainment. Even players are willing to take time to take pictures with fans or give autographs. Anytime someone leaves with an item with the team’s name or logo on, it is dealt with promotions. We also see an increase in sales for articles of clothing. Stores all over sell sporting gears for professional, college and even their local high school teams.

3. Advertising

Advertising has become popular over the years. There are ads on cups, clothing, billboards, scoreboards, social media, courts/fields and so much more. Companies want to get their name out in front of the consumers, and what better way to do that than at a packed sporting arena?

I just recently attended a Tigers baseball game and I couldn’t keep track of all the different types of advertising that was thrown at me. At times it was exhausting to keep up with. But the way companies advertised at the stadium was smart because I remembered it when I left.

4. Social Media

Teams love doing social media giveaways for free tickets. They either ask for you to share content or create a contest for the most creative ideas. Social media can be huge for sport teams because it allows the audience to share their experience with everyone else. They can post comments or even pictures of their experiences for others to see.

Irene Pool
Vice President of Public Relations


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