The importance of following current events

By: Leah Rodriguez

When it comes to the term “current events,” some may begin to have flashbacks of seventh grade history class. We’ve all dreaded being forced to read the newspaper and summarizing an article relevant to the week’s lesson plan. As we become older and more advanced in our careers and academics I feel it’s important to “stay relevant” with the news. I never understood this importance until I was in an interview for an internship and my potential employer asked my opinions on recent political news with Gov. Snyder; embarrassed, I asked myself “what news?” I knew it was time for a change and I made it a point to begin following the news more often.

One way I didn’t consider following up on current events is by utilizing social media. Twitter is arguably the quickest and most reliable source of news.. It harbors as much information that you allow it to when you follow relevant news outlets to your geographic location and demographics. Twitter allows you the opportunity to get news from the source the moment it goes online, without having to wait for it to print.

Another way I began to follow current events is by watching TV. If you’re good at multitasking try leaving the news on in the background while you do homework, clean your house, fold laundry, cook dinner, etc. Watching the news at prime times in the morning and evening can help you visualize what is happening around the world or in your city.

However you feel comfortable gaining your information is up to each individual; the importance of maintaining knowledge on current events is the main point. I believe my new efforts will help me during interviews, in social settings, and during lectures.

Leah Rodriguez is a senior majoring in public relations and minoring in marketing. This is her second year on EMU PRSSA’s executive board, having served as VP of PR and VP of Special Events and Programs in 2014-2015. She is the social media intern for EMU’s College of Arts & Sciences, where she manages their Facebook and Twitter accounts.


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