The importance of an internship



By: Irene Pool

Going through college, you constantly have people encouraging you to get an internship, get your feet wet, grow with experience. But do we really understand how important an internship truly is right when we start college?

We want to explore, expand our minds and see what interests us the most. But before you know it, your third year comes around and you still haven’t landed an internship. You scramble and try to find one last minute. When that acceptance phone call arrives, you sigh with relief knowing that you will graduate with an internship under your belt.

Internships are commonly looked at as a job in your field that you most likely won’t get paid for. That may be true but you need to look at the positives.


Not only are you working with professionals, but you’re also getting experience in your field. Why go through college and sit through lectures, not putting what you learn into use? Make your college years more exciting by getting into the field and learning new techniques that you can’t learn in the classroom.

Future Employers

In this day and age, opening positions are becoming more cutthroat than ever; you have more people competing for one position. When employers are skimming through resumes, they look for how many internships you have and what type of internships they were. They want to see how much experience you have in the field before hiring anyone.


Internships are jobs in the real world; they give you a glance of what you could be doing in your career. Working with professionals can be very beneficial to your future. You may not realize, but internships can lead to future references or simply even jobs if you work hard enough. But if you don’t get offered a job in the company you’re currently at, your employer can be very beneficial in helping you find another job.

Test Drive

College is all about exploring new opportunities and seeing what you enjoy the most. With an internship, it can help you test out the career and see if it’s a job that you want to do. Even if you decided not to stick with that career, it’s a great resume builder. The more experience you have, the better.

Irene Pool
Vice President of Public Relations


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