Tips on how to successfully prep for finals

Finals are coming sooner than you think. The best way to knock out finals is to prep in advance. Avoid the last-minute cram. If you’re lucky you have a final paper or project. If you’re not lucky, hopefully your final is not cumulative. It’s important to stay motivated. It’s getting close to the end of the semester and summer, so its easy to lose focus. But remember, finals may be a big percentage of your grade or one of the few grades in the course.

Here are some prep tips for finals 

1) Keep your eye on the prize. 

In order to graduate you must pass your classes for the credits to count. Dont lose too much  focus that your grades suffer as a result.

2) Decide on a semester reward.

Semester reward is a gift you buy yourself for successfully finishing the semester. So that Michael Kors bag you been eyeing, buy it but only if you ace your finals.

3) Set weekly study goals.

Set aside a few hours each day to study for finals to help keep you on track. Set study goals for the week. What chapters do you want to review or what topics? This way your only studying a little at a time versus trying to study everything at once.

Source: Death to Stock


4) Give yourself little rewards along the way.

Treat yourself to a dinner, mani/pedi, movie or something else after you complete a certain number of studying hours.

5) Take breaks.

Dont burn yourself out. Take a day off to go out and have fun. Give your mind some rest.

6) Find a study buddy.

Sometimes studying can be fun and even better with a study buddy.

7) Find stress-free activities 

Finals are stressful but its important health wise to keep those stress levels to a minimum.

If you start prepping in advance, you won’t have to pull all nighter the week of finals. The more you see the information, the better chance you will have of being able to recall it later. Finals can be stressful but rewarding yourself along the way can keep you motivated. Also, taking breaks can help maintain your levels of stress.


Daizchane Baker

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