10 Phone Apps I Adore

Like most people these days, I’m always on my phone playing with apps. Here are the ten I can not live without.

  1.  Instagram – I love taking photos and looking at people’s photos. There’s so much beauty in the world like nature, architecture, and food.
  2. Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff – I love Family Guys so much. It’s like Sims for Family Guy fans, gigity.
  3. Yahoo Fantasy Sports – I’m a huge sports buff and I play in competitive leagues for money, so I definitely like this app which lets me, Coach Mullin make sure my players are playing up to snuff.
  4. Trivia Crack – This game is like crack. I can’t get enough of beating people at trivia.
  5. Calculator/Calendar – When I hear about an event on the 24th, I always break out the calendar to make sure it’s a day I can attend. If not, I will request it, but I’m always using it. As for the calculator, it definitely comes in handy when shopping online and doing bills. I don’t want to be broke or late on my bills because there’s a sneaker sale online.


    Source: The Expat Lounge

  6. Yelp – I’m always visiting new cities. I use Yelp to help me make sure I’m going to find somewhere good to eat that isn’t infested with bugs or mean employees.
  7. Snapchat – Its funny seeing what kind of dumb things your friends are up too.
  8. Google Maps – It prevents you from getting lost on your travels.
  9. YouTube – I use it to listen to songs that pump me up while on a work break during a busy day. Every little motivational help counts sometimes.
  10. Google Play Store – It helps inform you of many new apps out there that are free and useful.

Those are the apps that mean the most to me on my phone. I’m not really big on Twitter and if I want to use Facebook, I just go to a computer, but sometimes you need to stay away from the internet sometimes; less stress, however sometimes when I check my Fantasy Sports app, I will get freaked out about Michael Carter-William’s shooting percentage.

Scott Mullin
VP of Communications

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