Power through the semester

I sat down and was thinking the other day that EMU is more than half way through the semester! With that being said, my nerves and stress are at an all-time high… and so is the senioritis. I find myself cleaning my room rather than doing homework. I’m sure every college student will try to find the benefit in everything other than those papers that ad up and the assignments that only make up .05% of your overall grade. It’s beyond tough to decide to start your paper when you can decide to cook yourself a meal.

It’s difficult for all of us so here are some ways to rock out the rest of the semester:

  1. Get Sleep

Your body isn’t fully prepared for the day unless you get the right amount of sleep. You may think that 4 hours of sleep each night because you stayed up doing homework is good. It’s not. I know whenever I pull a late night, I don’t feel so hot in the morning and even later in the week.

  1. Set Specific To Do Lists

I’ve never been the type to be able to keep track of all my responsibilities bundled up in my brain so I utilize a planner and to do lists. Each week, I write out a list of all the assignments that I need to tackle. It can be something as simple as “Sign up for Relay for Life” or as complex as “Start/ Finish my class paper.” To do lists really keep my life in order sometimes.

Source: nacacnet

Source: nacacnet

  1. Take a Deep Breath

At midnight when you have a paper due in your 9:30 a.m. class, you may feel overwhelmed. This semester in general has been pretty overwhelming for everyone that I’ve talked to. So just remember to take a deep breath. Sometimes that’s all you need to calm you down. It could always be worse so be happy with what you have.

  1. Be Sure to Eat Right

A diet can really make or break your life. It’s difficult to eat all the necessary food groups while on the college budget but don’t go out for pizza every night. Use your money wisely and get chicken breast and fresh produce. Just remember to not let it spoil!

  1. Have Fun 

School and life can be insanely stressful but take the time to do something for yourself. Whether you’re going for a run or hanging out with friends, always make time for yourself. I’m not sure who said this but you will never regret what you did, only what you didn’t do.

Comment with some of your tips! How are you keeping yourself focused during this tough semester?

Raven Gardiner
VP of Member Relations

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