Recently the internet, including all forms of social media, was in a color debacle. #TheDress was the trending topic of the day. After a Tumblr user took to Twitter to use her followers as a reliable source to answer the question that was tearing her and her sister a part – What color is this dress?


However, the world, those of which engaged in the dress topic, could not come to a consensus. Celebrities from Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, and Ariana Grande seemed to have varying opinions and evidently different ways of eyeing the dress. The color controversy sparked many discussions. Just because the majority of people are in consensus, does it mean they are true or right, and the latter not? I’ll let you answer that yourself. I would like for you to determine what colors you see, if you have not done so already – black and blue or white and gold?

As a PR major, I dabble in photography a bit. I have learned from college classes how light and luminosity effects appearance and can act as an illusion to the naked eye. Our eyes and our brain process color differently. FYI, color blindness traditionally impacts red and green colors for those who think the world must be color blind. Vegas lights seems so brilliant and wild, but what if I told you those were the same color codes lighting up the coney island sign across the street from your subdivision? As Instagram has proved, light and color contrast can distort an images color to make it appear another way.

When I first viewed the picture I saw black and blue. In the same setting I viewed about five more published photos of #TheDress. Most of the photos were black and blue, but a couple appeared to be white and gold. My friends and I were having our own color debacle inside of a restaurant after work one day. We even got the restaurant employees into our color discussion. They too saw black and blue, as I did.

If you tilt your computer screen various ways the color of the dress will change before your eyes. For those of you who thought it was a mood changing color dress, disclaimer, it is not!  The dress is black and blue.


Source: Roman Originals

Gabrielle Burgess-Smith
Vice President

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