10 Pieces of Facebook Advice

  1. Quit complaining about people sending game requests – First of all, you can end game requests, just by going to the game and selecting the “stop game notification.”
  2. Share more fun pictures – There’s nothing I love more than seeing people have fun in pictures. Do you use Instagram? Share those pics with your Facebook followers as well. It promotes photography and also promotes people going out in life and seeking more fun.
  3. Don’t discuss relationship problems on Facebook – Divorces suck, it’s the truth. I’m not married, but I must say, divorces suck, for me, to see, when I’m playing on Facebook. I don’t want to see Jack from Des Moines talk about his wife is a cheater. Nor do I want to choose sides if I see 2 married personal friends divorce each other. It’s not fair for me.
  4. Do share personal accomplishments – I am your Facebook friend, I want you to succeed. The fact that you are achieving goals in life makes me want to achieve goals in life too.
  5. Don’t be vague – Nothing grinds my gears when I see someone posting “this sucks” or “yay.” What sucks? Why are you saying yay? I’ll tell you what sucks, people being vague. Yay, I said it!

    Source: Telegram

    Source: Telegram

  6. Do share reviews or opinions about stores, restaurants, and food product.– I’m always hungry, I love to shop. If someone says a new fast food item isn’t good, I’ll probably not buy it. It will save me money. If someone says something is good, I might give it a try. It’s good that you try to become an influencer.
  7. Don’t share other people’s intellectual property. If I wanted to read what “I F-Word-ing Love Science’s” photos all the time, I would have liked their page a while ago in order to see their content. I want to see what you have to say in life, not see that all you have to say is something else someone had to say that you saw interesting.
  8. Posting that your kid has a cold……I’m not a fan – I hate seeing people sick, especially kids. Gee, thanks for cramping my feed.
  9. Cracking Wise during a sporting event…..I am a fan – There’s nothing I love more on a Detroit Lions Sunday then watching the Facebook feed fill up with funny jokes about how the refs are horrible. Being a Lions fan is hard, REAL HARD, we need all the humor we can get, keep it up.
  10. Do use #hashtags – Facebook has hashtag usage now, however, I see it go un-noticed because all my friends are communicating via memes that other people made instead of partaking in conversations about news issues that matter. If you want to talk about a hot topic issue, use the hashtag and see what others are saying, you may even meet a new friend to talk about current affairs with.
Scott Mullin
VP of Communications

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