Pregame for Spring Break

Many spring breaks have gone by leaving me wondering “what did I even do this week?” Don’t get stuck with that thought.

Whether you plan on staying home or going beyond the state lines, you can keep yourself busy.

Make goals for yourself. Don’t begin each day thinking about your plans. Try to plan out pieces of the week before you get to the points of boredom. Strategizing your week off of school can really help you stay out of the rut that leaves you sitting on the couch, stuffing your face and watching Netflix.

Some things that you can add to your strategic list of things to do can include the following:

  • Catch up with friends
  • Reach out to professionals in the area
  • Scope out the job market
  • Try out new restaurants
  • Do some early spring cleaning
  • Volunteer somewhere
  • Read a new book
  • Get caught up on the current news
  • Begin a good habit
  • Adjust your sleep schedule
  • Be artistic and craft

A week may seem like a short amount of time or a long amount of time depending on what you do with it. If you decide to try out something new or quit something, then you have almost an entire week to have it take effect. Nothing is going to hold until you make that commitment so why not plan to do it over spring break? Get to thinking about things you can add to your list.

If it varies from this one then comment below with your ideas!

Raven Gardiner
VP of Member Relations

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