“Ending Hunger 1 Can at a Time”

In Public Relations, community relations or community service is a part of what makes a company socially responsible and shows they are aware of what’s happening around them. During the fall of 2014, EMU PRSSA conducted a food drive to help alleviate poverty within our immediate community. Our theme for the hunger drive was “Ending Hunger 1 Can at a Time” which was created for the purpose of helping students understand that hunger is a dreadful part of our society and plagues the homes of many.

With the help and support St. John’s Hospital and Medical Center of Detroit and the Martin Luther King Jr. Senior High School of Detroit, we were able to collect a total of 555 cans which fed a total of 463 families. The canned and non-perishable foods were donated to Gleaners Food Bank of Detroit and Warren Michigan.

Source: ClipArt Best

Source: ClipArt Best

When families have no food we have no choice. The number of people seeking food assistance in our communities continues to increase due to loss of wages or lack of employment. We as an organization would like to believe that our contribution has some way helped alleviate hunger in the household of many and gets us closer to ending hunger on a national level.

On the behalf of Eastern Michigan University’s PRSSA we would like to thank everyone for their contribution and look forward to your support on upcoming projects.

Stay tuned for future updates on our community relation initiatives as more information will be available soon.

DeAndre Brown
VP of Community Relations

One response to ““Ending Hunger 1 Can at a Time”

  1. Thank you very much for allowing our cadets to take part in this very meaningful project. They were very excited about this initiative. Hopefully we can do more next time. Thanks again.
    MSG Jackson
    MLK High JROTC

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