Keep your mind warm through the cold

So everyone loves this nice cold weather that Michigan is having, right? Well that might not be the case for you but it can turn out to be a blessing. Energy levels can dramatically dip but there can be ways to get around that.

Here are some ways to keep your mind stimulated during the months that make us want to curl into a ball and hide from the world.

  1. Grab a friend and go for a coffee (or hot chocolate) date

The cold weather can make people anti-social hermits. Keep up relationships by devoting 30 minutes or more of your time to find out what people are doing in their lives. Hold a conversation and really connect with your companion. Be interested in what they have to say and how they feel about the happenings of their life. Not only will your companion be excited to catch up, but you never know where that connection could lead you. All it takes is a simple text message, phone call, or email to get it going.

  1. Update your profiles

It’s perfectly okay to be wrapped in a blanket while doing this one. We all have those profiles that need a bit of cleaning up and updating. Mine has always been LinkedIn. Take the time to update those profiles with your most recent experience and definitely add a profile picture if you don’t have one. A profile picture is a huge necessity. It may take five minutes or an hour to update it but employers will check out your sites to get a sense of who you are.

  1. Update your resume

In addition to the previous tip, make sure your resume is updated. You never know when you might need to print and go. Having a couple different versions can also be good. It’s helpful to have one with every single job, position, project, membership you’ve ever had. You never know what would be substantial to one potential position but unnecessary to the next.

  1. Work out

Working out can not only keep your body in tip, top shape but it can also keep your mind going. You don’t have to go for the monotonous lap running though. You can play volleyball or basketball. You could even take advantage of the snow and go sledding or have a snowball fight! Keeping your body stimulated will definitely keep your mind stimulated as well.

  1. Go ahead and sleep

With all the running around that you may do, it’s nice to catch some zzz’s every once in a while. Many people these days aren’t getting enough sleep. Get back into a more natural sleep habit and relax your mind. Yes, this may mean watching one less show or movie on Netflix but your mind will thank you in the morning. When the weather has you feeling cold and tired, go ahead and listen to you body’s call. Relax! Even a 20 minute cat nap will make you feel better about life and maybe think twice about grabbing that 5th cup of coffee.

What are some ways you keep stimulated and warm throughout the cold winter months?

Raven Gardiner
VP of Member Relations

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