Beat the Winter blues by blogging

We have officially hit that point of year where on some days here in the Mitten State it’s colder outside than it is at the same time in Alaska. If you are anything like myself, you avoid going outside on days like that.

Winter gets tough because sometimes it seems as if there isn’t much to do. No beach, no casual bike rides or hikes, and overall just very few options for outdoor activities. Driving places gets dangerous, and sometimes it is simply the best option to stay inside. What better time to try blogging!?

Blogging is a super beneficial skill to have when pursuing a career in the public relations field. While ultimately as a practitioner it would be advantageous to blog about issues and current events in the public relations world, any sort of blog is beneficial simply because blogging can strengthen writing skills and give you experience navigating a blog platform.

Source: Rae Lewis-Thornton

Source: Rae Lewis-Thornton

If you find yourself thinking that starting a blog is an intimidating idea, don’t worry. Although blogging might seem intimidating (Will people even read my blog? What do I blog about?), I promise that it is not. The key to blogging is to find your voice and use it to blog something that you are passionate about. If you are well-engaged with your topic, your audience will be able to tell. If you aren’t interested and you are blogging about something random just for the sake of blogging, they will also be able to tell that. So that’s the trick, blog about something that you love.

When it comes to choosing a blog platform, that can be a tricky task, but it’s all about finding one that you find to be user friendly. I personally use WordPress for my blog. I find it to be easy to customize and post on and  I would highly suggest it to a first time blogger. However, there are a multitude of options available as far as blog platforms go. To get you started, here is a list of the top ten most popular blog platforms, as according to

  1. WordPress
  2. Blogger
  3. Tumblr
  4. Medium
  5. BraveNet
  6. Live Journal
  7. Type Pad
  8. Joomla
  9. Quora
  10. Silvrback

Whether you start your blog on one of those platforms, or if you already have a blog, blogging is a great way to hone in on and strengthen many crucial tools needed for a career in public relations such as writing and the ability to craft a visually appealing blog. So, when you are stuck indoors this winter, beat the winter blues by starting and working on your blog. You will not only spend your time inside in a productive manner, but you will also continue to become a better PR pro by sharpening your blogging skills.

Andrea Mellendorf
Chief Financial Officer

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