Five tips on dressing for success in PR

Source: Resume Planet

Source: Resume Planet

When you attend any interview it’s important to dress for the career you want and not the job you have. It’s important to be overdressed, because it’s the first time you’ll be introduced to the company and you want the interviewer to have a positive impression. After all they say that first impressions are the most important, because it will be what the interviewer will remember the most when considering you for employment.

So now you’ve advanced from being a candidate to being selected for the position, but you’re confused about what you should wear, especially sense the company culture is informal. Further, how do you reflect your personality in how you dress? Considering every company has its own culture it’s important to research the company and ask the interviewee what are the expectations for dressing at your company.

However, here are a couple tips that can help you select the appropriate attire and reflect your personality without being too informal.

  1. Feel comfortable in your clothes: You should always feel comfortable in the clothes that you wear and never dress a particular way, because someone advises you to unless it’s required.
  2. Fit the culture: A company can be informal and have a casual dress code for the office, however when they meet clients they wear more formal attire. It’s important to follow what everyone else is doing and don’t be afraid to stand out with your style. However there is such a thing as standing out to much but, you don’t want to be the talk of the office. If your coworkers dress up to see clients then you should follow their lead.
  3. Follow the leader: If your boss dresses a specific way in the office, however when attending meetings they dress in formal attire you should do the same.
  4. Dress your age: When you’re working in an office it’s important to dress your age and not to fit in. Remember you don’t want to be too informal by wearing articles like flip-flops, because you’re not going to the beach, but to work. Feel free to include minimal accessories with your wardrobe as they tend to reflect your personality and add to your clothes.
  5. Look presentable: When working in Public Relations rather it be a large corporation or an agency it’s important to look your best, because you’re often considered the face of the company or at least the first person people will see.
DeAndre Brown
VP of Community Relations

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